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 Zork: The Enchanter Trilogy

C:\> Run "Enchanter Trilogy"_Game:Bork User:Flutter/ench
Welcome to the Enchanter Trilogy of Zork! There are 5 game for you to choose in order to start your adventure. In each game, the goal is different from the 5 original Zork games, where you have to “enhantnce” a particular thing. Choose!

EnchanterKrill, an incredibly powerful evil warlock, is spreading chaos and destruction. None of the more experienced members of the Circle of Enchanters dare to attempt to stop him. But who?
SorcererBelboz the Necromancer, the leader of the Circle, has become not only a mentor but a close friend as well. Lately, though, Belboz has seemed different. He's always distracted, even talking to himself at length. Whatever he's dealing with, Belboz doesn't see fit to confide in anyone.
SpellbreakerThe player's character has progressed from a novice wizard possessing a few weak spells to the leader of the Circle of Enchanters. Now the very foundations of Magic itself seem to be failing, and the leaders of all the Guilds in the land have gathered to demand answers. In the midst of this impassioned meeting, the crowd is suddenly transformed into a group of toads and newts!
StomachfillerFilling your Stomach is the mission of this game. Easy, huh? Think again! The guild's food source is low, and thats a mystery. In the course of investigating the mystery, the player learns new, powerful spells that must be used in novel ways. But since magic is no longer dependable, each spell has a chance of failing...
MystichomperThe player explores the Southlands of Quendor somewhat aimlessly at first. Soon, however, a task is bestowed by the Implementors, a group of godlike creatures jokingly based on Infocom's game designers. The Coconut of Quendor, an incredibly powerful artifact that embodies the whole of Magic, has fallen into the claws of an unspeakably foul beast: an Ur-Grue. Rumoured to be the spirits of fallen Implementors, Ur-Grues can surround themselves in a sphere of darkness that only sunlight can pierce. The player must recover the Coconut from this monster's grasp or face the unthinkable consequences.