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 Zork: Sorcerer Score: 0 Moves: 0

C:\> Run "Sorcerer"_

Belboz the Necromancer, the leader of the Circle, has become not only a mentor but a close friend as well. Lately, though, Belboz has seemed different. He's always distracted, even talking to himself at length. Whatever he's dealing with, Belboz doesn't see fit to confide in anyone. Surely he knows what he's doing.

But then, Belboz suddenly disappears. If he is under the influence of some evil power, the results could be disastrous — Belboz is one of the most powerful Enchanters in the land. Someone must uncover what has happened to him, and naturally that task falls to the player's character.

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Smuggler's Hideout.GIF

After Enchanter, after you swam up to the water's surface, you end up in a strange place called “Smuggler's Hideout”. You are in Krill's hideout! Time to foil him!!! Right now, you are standing next to the blue barrel. It is also dark. You are likely to get eaten by a Grue.

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