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Uncyclopedia has proved to be so popular that the site is now the official sponsor of Bernard Matthews Sausages - "Uncyclopedia is the Wurst".
I considered referencing Uncyclopedia in "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", but I couldn't get it to rhyme with 'Rangoon'.

Noel Coward on his 13th glass of Pimms

References to Uncyclopedia in popular culture have increased as more and more people are blown away by this site's awesomeness. Many parody Uncyclopedia's cleverness, with characters disappointed by their inability to match Uncyclopedia's brilliance.

Still others feature characters using the references as a source and thereby getting top marks in their assignment, or positively comparing a character's face to Sophia, a great honour.

Actual Examples[edit]

Date Title Notes Relevance
1894-11-10 "Poet Returns from Trip to Future", the Strand Magazine. In a short story in the Strand Magazine, H. G. Wells tells a chilling tale of a late Victorian poet (clearly based on Oscar Wilde) who travels into the future. To his horror, the poet finds that he is an worshipped by a weird cabal known as the AntiBritannican Order. The Order capture the poet and attempt to 'load-down' his mind into a 'world-wide matrix of trans-connected Babbage machines'. However, the poet escapes with the help of the Order's arch-enemy, a shadowy figure known only as Jimbo. Wells is believed to have been the first person to predict the coming of Uncyclopedia and the New Satirical Order.
2000-2-30 "Invention of the Century" Time Magazine Uncyclopedia makes the front page of Time Magazine after being named "Invention of the Century", beating out the internet, the atomic bomb, and stuffed-crust pizza, despite not existing yet. Served as a marker for human invention and technological development.
2005-7-4 The Family Guy, episode 43, Farty Pants Ahoy While Peter is miming an unnatural act upon the ocelot, he has a flashback to a conversation with his grandfather, who has a flashback to World War II, in which he meets a soldier who has a flash forward to a disco in 1978, where a woman has a fantasy in which it's 2005 and she's watching a fat man pretending to have intercourse with an ocelot. In the background, the Uncyclopedia logo is faintly visible. The logo could just be a potato.
2005-36-24-36 "Uncyclopedia is funnier than us", The Onion The last article ever published by satirical newspaper the Onion admitted defeat at the hands of its younger rival, UnNews. The Onion has since taken down its website completely, so don't bother checking this. First victim of Uncyclopedia's ever growing power.
2005-12-12 Fox News Fox News was forced to issue a retraction of its coverage on Iraq when Uncyclopedia published leaked Classified IRC transcripts, which contradicted the Fox news account. Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch declared that he 'was very sorry, and would be extra careful in the future'. Is Fox News the one with the cranky guy or the annoying woman? I can never remember.
2005-12-25 Catholic Church In the Pope's Christmas sermon he declared that, thanks to Uncyclopedia, the Church now had access to many additional Jesii. 'More Jesii means more salvation,' he said, 'With all this additional supply, we can pass the savings on to you, the consumer.' The Pope was speaking in Latin, and some jerks scholars have disputed this translation but they can blow me.
2006-ish Peanuts, a long running comic strip about a small boy and his struggles with hydrocephalia. Peanuts.jpg The first time Uncyclopedia was referenced in a syndicated strip drawn from beyond the grave.

2006-8-15-24-hut! Justice League Unlimited, episode 24 Whilst trying to locate the secret lair of the Rainbow Raider, Batman is frustrated by the shortcomings of the Batcomputer, declaring it a 'fucking piece of shit' that 'couldn't find a super-villain if one was masturbating on its hard drive.' The Flash suggests using Uncyclopedia, the 'greatest motherfuckin' crime fighting resource known to man,' to which Wonder Woman responds 'Fuckin' A!' The first time that Uncyclopedia was used to track down a really incredibly lame super-villain
2006-3.141 The Times In an editorial, the Times praised Uncyclopedia saying in part: The youth of today seem such feckless sorts, with their disregard for muttonchop whiskers and top hats and their love of such newfangled pursuits as Scouting and riding velocipedes. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia is a computerolamotronic "site" where youngsters can pool their feeble knowledge with, one trusts, a view towards becoming partially educated.' It is debatable whether The Times constitutes 'popular culture'
2006-00-00 Suck it Up magazine, issue 24 In a photographic essay depicting an overly vigorous form of sexual intercourse, the 'dominant' partner is referred to as 'Uncyclopedia' and the 'submissive' partner or 'gimp' is referred to as 'Wikipedia' in the accompanying text. First BDSM pornographic magazine to note that Wikipedia is Uncyclopedia's bitch.
2008 Time Magazine, vol. 10Failed to parse (MathML with SVG or PNG fallback (recommended for modern browsers and accessibility tools): Invalid response ("Math extension cannot connect to Restbase.") from server "https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/":): {\displaystyle ^9} , issue 22 Uncyclopedia is featured on the front page. The cover story, by Tom Danoob, addresses Uncyclopedia potentially running as a 3rd party candidate in the U.S. presidential election for that year. Uncyclopedia denied the claims that it would run and explained that the fund-raising was for new mansions. When asked about how much it pays its editors, Uncyclopedia denied allegations of having sexual relations with any of its editors. "If that's what you meant, Tom," said Uncyclopedia. Second time Uncyclopedia was in Time. First time it denied a sex scandal.


Uncyclopedia is parodied (unsuccessfully we might add) on many websites, including Encyclopedia Dramatica and Wikiality.com.

It's no surprise that Uncyclopedia is quite popular amongst the video game culture, and has found itself featured prominently in various videos game titles such as Halo 2, the Grand Theft Auto series, Pacman, and even Super Mario Brothers just to name a few. Of course, some have claimed that Uncyclopedia's owes its popularity to its appearance in so many "popular" video games. However, this is untrue; it could very well be the opposite. It has been suggested that, in fact, Uncyclopedia's appearance in these video game titles is one of the primary reasons that these video games were so successful.

Video games are not the only media outlets which have utilized the name of Uncyclopedia to achieve success. It's a little-known fact that numerous television programs, such as CSI and Walker Texas Ranger, have all gained from even mentioning the Uncyclopedia namesake.

The use of Uncyclopedia as a reference for educational purposes has been forbidden by most educators due to Uncyclopedia's "suave, debonair, and overall sexy presentation of information. Its reliability, factuality, and cleanliness is indeed a breath of fresh air -- especially with hairy and ill-smelling websites like Wikipedia roaming around."

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