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He'll grow out of it

January 28: Kill Baby Hitler Day

  • 1813 - Jane Austen publishes her first novel, "You'll Have to Read This in 9th Grade", is instant bestseller.
  • 1890 - Dozens of time travelers attempt to kill Baby Hitler, are stopped by those same time travelers after finding out world would be much worse.
  • 1956 - Elvis Presley scandalizes television after going full-frontal on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • 1965 - A maple leaf accidentally falls on a picture of the newly designed Canadian flag, is accidentally included after photocopies are sent.
  • 1985 - Africans choose to starve rather than benefit from corny "We Are The World" song.
  • 2016 - The CIA develop disease which turn third-world babies into abortions, call it Zika virus, redundant as alcoholism already exists.