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Welcome to Aunt Jemima's Templating Academy!

Your comprehensive guide to Templates on Uncyclopedia.

There is also the formatting page.

Here is a list of common article types with links to basic formatting examples for code you can copy:

Articles That Require Extra Interlinking and Redirects

All articles should have related articles linked throughout the text, but some articles have long names and are case-sensitive, so it helps to use shorter titles and redirects to help readers find your new magnum opus (or onus).

You use a redirect by creating the shorter titled page, and then insert this code to link it to your article: #REDIRECT [[LONG_ARTICLE_TITLE]]

In addition to redirects, you can add links to 'See Also,' 'You May Be Interested In,' or 'Related Articles,' sections, etc. Any article that is in an alternate namespace, like Why?, UnNews, Undictionary, HowTo, and also File Collection pages, you should do this interlinking for automatically. Categorize your articles, and try to add appropriate navigational templates (make sure you add the link to the template also).

Find related articles and add link brackets for advanced interlinking. For instance, if your article is on 'Cheese,' you can do a search for 'cheese is' and find articles that talk about cheese. Then just find the word in the articles and make them links. You can also perform a file search by clicking and unclicking the appropriate boxes on the advanced search page and filter your results.

Textual Templates

These are the basic templates you might need to write articles. You write stuff, don't you? If you want to learn how to make templates you should at least know how to use these.

Notice that there are parameters that will mess up the template if you do not input them correctly.

Try not to code your templates like this.

Ha Ha You Can't Edit This! (Section)
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Template:Whoops?
I'm pretty funny, aren't I? 
– {{A/Q}} on quotes at the top of every page
“It's funny that noone uses me!”

 Template:nicequote on quotes in general

Cquote1.svgNot as funny as me.Cquote2.svg
{{A/C}} on quote templates with image options
“What are you looking at me for?”

 Template:qCtr on centered quotes

You may be looking for Template:Simple Disambig and not even know it!
This article is about the extra the in this template. For information on the Template:Different Meaning see Template:Different Meaning
This article is about the same template as above, without the extra the and bold text. For clarification, though, neither are articles, but, there are a lot of commas now, see Template:About.
Note: Absolutely NOT to be confused with [[Template:TBCW]]!
For other ridiculous uses, see [[another broken template, Template:Otheruses (disambiguation)]].
Did you know... Template:Factoid is available for putting this box on the right or left of the page?

This page in a nutshell: Template:Nutshell isn't very funny, butt it is ironic.

{{Fromwp}} is basically pointless.

 Template:Year is the brokenest template [disputed]

Phasellus adipiscing, mauris a rhoncus dictum, massa nunc suscipit sapien, non aliquet tortor arcu nec mi. In malesuada sollicitudin odio. Duis quis nisi. Proin semper tincidunt velit. Vestibulum ornare est ac arcu. Aenean euismod. Praesent felis elit, ornare vel, molestie sed, suscipit nec, ipsum.


Template:SidebarStoryTemplate is much better than Template:Year, but they are almost the same. [[[Uncyclopedia:Accuracy#Cite_Your_Sources_or_Die.5B.5D.5Bcitation_still_needed.5D.5B.5D|Template:Fact is also pretty dumb.]]]

Notice there's no edit button »

Just the Tip:
Template:Wikipedia is not worth using, Use Template:Tip instead.


For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Template:Wikipediapar.


[[Wikipedia:Template:W is some ugly ass (broken) Wikipedia link shortcut!|Template:W is some ugly ass (broken) Wikipedia link shortcut!]]

Your Jazzy New Templates

To make your templates mobile-friendly, make sure they can be scaled down to 290px wide or less.

There are three main ways to code a 'basic box' for your templates:

  1. Using Other Templates
  2. Wiki Table Shorthand
  3. Plain Old HTML

Using Other Templates

Perhaps the most widely accepted form of personal advertisement, userbox templates are created with the prefix: Template:User_ and can be transcluded on your userpage using the code:


Userboxen templates are supposed to be 278px wide. As with all web coding, the borders can add to the width, so you may want to counter-adjust for that if you're super anal.

For Example:

Check the ugly ass userbox: {{User Joke}}. This is how the template appears:

This user is a Joke and not a Threat.

This is the simplest userbox that you can create. It calls the {{userbox}} template and passes parameters to change the colors and text.

See Template:userbox for the documentation and Template:User Joke to see how the code is implemented. No one said this was going to be easy.

{{UB}} is basically the same template but the text can wrap under the image because it's not in a table! Are you getting the picture yet?

Here is another similar template with the code: {{userbox2|tomato|tan|g33k|This user is a [[leet|geek]] and not a [[dork|nerd]].|<s>nerd</s>}}. Notice how the different parameters display differently:

g33k This user is a geek and not a nerd. nerd
Try It Yourself!

Use these templates to make other templates to make other templates to make other templates... You get the idea.

These Are Not So Funny

The Official Uncyclopedia General Templates >>

Shhhhhh! This is a humour free zone.
Congratulations! You have reached the End of the Internet! Where would you like to go? East? West? North? South? Outside?
Now, go away, because I'm afraid that this article could asplode at any second and this template is no moon.
Note: This article is Bob Barker-approved. Really, it is.
I've already reached the End of the Internet! Sadly, I had only got DSL a year before I reached it.

 Richard M. Stallman on The End of the Internet

Just kidding, click the link below to continue:
103: Informative Templates >>