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Setting s=fancy makes a fancy quote or use {{fq}}. Setting s=i mimics the Q template with larger type and italicized quote. fs is the font-size parameter. Setting style=inline makes an inline quote. You can override the styles using {{{s}}}, {{{s1}}} and {{{s2}}} or the nicequote / NQ class (use span.nq and span.nqa, set the id or class parameter, and a container is recommended). qw tells the hanging indent the size of the quotation mark (.37em).


“Please don't quote me again, or I will be forced to sue you for this nonsense.”

 Oscar Wilde on Quoting Oscar Wilde but not really serious about it

  • or
“Please feel free to quote me with italics or Bold text.”

 Noel Coward on nice quotes

“Ok, go ahead and quote me again.”

 Oscar Wilde on FANCY quotes