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This template is meant for 'Curly Quotes' with visually distinctive text that is usually a textual highlight of some sort. In most cases, this is not appropriate for use inside other templates. Other quotation templates are located here.

  • Pull quotes work best when used with short sentences, and at the start or end of a section, as a hint of or to help emphasize the section's content.
  • For typical pull quotes, especially those longer than the rest of the paragraph in which they are quoted, {{Pull quote}} provides a borderless quote with decorative quotation marks.


For text, this template provides a centered, borderless pull quote, with scalable decorative quotation marks, and optional attribution of the source of the quote. It can be used with or without the names of the parameters.


  • {{Pull quote|text=text of the quotation|author=person quoted|source=source of the quotation}}


Parameter 1, a.k.a. quote
text of the quote; use <p>...</p> around second or subsequent paragraphs.
Note: if the quote text contains a = (equal sign), then the template must be called with a named parameter for the content, e.g. {{pull quote|quote=quote text}}
Name of the person that wrote or spoke the text being quoted. Can include wiki syntax.
Source of the quote (publication title, speech, etc.). Can include wiki syntax.
The color of the background.
Defaults to center, but can also be right or left
When set to "yes", the quote expands to the entire width of the page. Useful for long quotes, but may clash with other floating objects, such as infoboxes.
color of quotemarks (only for use in WP:Signpost, and personal pages; do not use in articles, guidelines, etc.)

Simple example

{{pull quote|quote text}}
  1. Walter Isaacson, Einstein: His Life and Universe (2007), p. 367.

Other examples

{{pull quote|1=F=ma|author=[[Isaac Newton]]}}

(the 1= is necessary as quote text contains an equal sign)

{{pull quote|1=Thus:
{{in5}}<math>E=mc^2</math>|author=[[Albert Einstein]]}}

(quote text contains an equal sign and math syntax)


This template was originally sporked from Wikipedia.