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This God person.jpg

September 18: God's Birthday. Happy birthday, God!

  • Infinity B.C. - God is born. Exactly how this happens remains of of the great mysteries of time, especially since the date is known with precision.
  • 4004 B.C. - God receives the universe as a birthday present, but loses interest when He discovers that it is infested with parasites
  • 3200 B.C. - S'dhkai, a canaanite, is struck down by lightning when he forgets God's birthday.
  • 1300 B.C. - God decrees to his peoples that the holiest Number shall be 91. When griping ensues, God relents and changes to the much easier to remember 7.
  • 854 A.D. - God creates Hell once the most wicked neighborhoods of Heaven reach capacity.
  • 2001 - God gets drunk at His birthday party and passes out in Buddha´s bathroom.