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The Flying Saucer®: The First. The Best. We are the FIRST!

The Object 279 (really an Object), the Flying Saucer, Stalin's Moon Rover or Real UFO is a Soviet flying saucer intended to thrive from any nuclear volcano eruption used during Cold War.

History[edit | edit source]


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Development started in 1948 when one tank designer is drunk from drinking too much Novichok and decided to create a tank with UFO tech. The first prototype was built from wood (not Stalinium, sadly) and was called "Object 726". [1] The success led to another similar UFO, called the Object 279, a third from Chelyabinsk shit tank projects (the other UFO is Object 277 and 278) and development died as the Object 279 has TOO MANY flaws.

Also, the Object 279 (also called Sputnik-1) is the FIRST object into space.[2]

Design[edit | edit source]

The Object 279 has...

4 tracks! not that surprising? Here's the another one, it's UFO appearance! And it's 130 mm M-65 gun has the ability to penetrate wood! And also has 12.7 mm NKVD political-repression anti-aircraft machine gun that's the same as the T-80!

Armor is, again, full of STALINIUM!!!!! That's usual for Soviet tanks.

Mobility? Well that SUCKS. The Soviets doesn't care about mobility!

Production[edit | edit source]

Production started when Chelyabinsk wanted UFO badly, but the Soviet Union denied, and denied it, as a result, they produce it on their underground factory just near KGB HQ. Total produced UFOs was 49,735.

Refs[edit | edit source]

  1. They use "Object" to confuse American secret spies
  2. Ignoring the manhole cover launched into space by the US as part of a nuclear test "Project Plumbbob" in Nevada desert in 1957.