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Herman Li (Chinese: 李康敏, Hanyu Pinyin: Lǐ Kāng Mǐn; born on October 3, 1976 in Hong Kong) is a British Chinese musician, best known as a guitarist for the power metal band DragonRush.

Early Years[edit | edit source]

Herman Li at a young age, trying to figure out how to play his electric ukulele.

As a young lad, Herman grew up in a small hole near an office building in China. He was raised by a former guitarist for Green Day, Christina Aguilera, and Bill Cosby (Also known as "The Main Nigga"). Bill and Christina told young Herman that if he kept up his grades in the school for the deaf, (Herman Li turned deaf at the age of 7 from Bill Cosby screaming in his ear too much, so I guess his parents really didn't, tell him that, I guess they had to do it otherwise, like sign language or such), that they would buy Herman Li his first Ukulele and give him lessons from one of they best ukulele players they knew, B.B. King. Of course because of his retardation (Herman Li is also retarded) he did not bring up his grades in his school, and instead his parents bought him a ukulele and beat him with it every day until he was 23. When he was 24, he started a band with Bassist Billie Joe and Drummer Alex Lifeson.

The Start Of DragonRush[edit | edit source]

DragonRush played their first gig at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee, where drunks and hippies chased Herman Li and his bandmates out onto the streets, beating them with their instruments. Herman Li could not tell how badly he had been playing because he is deaf. DragonRush released their first album in 1997 entitled, "Inhuman Rush Dragon Rampage Li". This album sold a snaring total of 7 records in the past 10 years. DragonRush made a big break in the year 2007, appearing in the hit video game "Guitar Hero 9-DragonRush", containing DragonRush's music and their favorite bands. The game contained songs by Green Day, Cannibal Corpse, Walls Of Jericho, Rage Against The Machine, The Beatles, and songs from Scott Joplin's Greatest Hits Vol. II.

The Fall Of DragonRush[edit | edit source]

Herman takes a job at Burger King.

DragonRush fell in late 2007, mainly about a month after "Guitar Hero 9-DragonRush" was released. Fans realized the Herman Li (Now also known as "Herman Ree") was not as great of a ukulele player as he thought he was. DragonRush soon split after, causing Billie Joe to kill himself and Alex Lifeson to join a new band, Dragonforce, as the guitarist. Herman took up a job in a local Burger King as the "Burger King" himself. He waited outside in a king costume greeting costumers as they entered. Burger King soon fired him after scaring kids by trying to say "Hello". Kids did not like hearing words like, "Herro There". Herman Li soon went into a deep depression.

The Fall Of Herman Li[edit | edit source]

Herman Li realized he could not play his instrument, and also realized he did not have any other talents whatsoever. If he could not play real ukulele, he started inventing things like "Pac-Man" sounds on his ukulele, but that just made people hate him more. Herman Li committed suicide at the age of 47. He slit his wrists with Chinese throwing stars. Nobody arrived at his funeral. not even Dragonrush

"Guitar Hero 9-DragonRush" Songlist[edit | edit source]

  • DragonRush-Through The Fire And Herman Ree
  • DragonRush-Through Herman Ree And the Flames
  • DragonRush-YYHermanLi fire
  • DragonRush-Herman Li My YYZ flames
  • DragonRush-Why Herman Li Why Herman Li Zee flames
  • DragonRush-Through The YYZ And Herman Ree Flames
  • DragonRush-Through Herman Li's Flames
  • Green Day-West African Idiots flames
  • Green Day-I'm Such A Punk fire
  • The Beatles-YYZ fire
  • Dream Theater-Girls Just Wanna Have Fire
  • Rush-Barracuda's flames
  • DragonRush- Through The YYZ and Herman Li's flames
  • DragonRush-YYZ Through The Herman Li and Flames
  • DragonRush-ZYY flames
  • DragonRush-YZY fire
  • DragonRush-ZYZ Flames and Fire
  • DragonRush-Herman Li Went Down To Georgia through the fire