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Uncyclopedia is a content-free encyclopedia. Anyone can edit Uncyclopedia, and its contents are free and open to abuse. You can also help poor people by giving them money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The Big Five
Policies and Such
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Quick help links
To resolve issues between users.
Report issues with the software and the site.
New contributors are encouraged to ask for help.
Coordinating the languages.
This is a good place to start.
Totally irrelevant announcements and news.
If you need an article protected or unprotected.
For new users coming from Wikipedia.
For help citing Uncyclopedia as a reference.

Ask a question

List of users happy to help newcomers.
For answers (sometimes) and a closer look at how the site is run.
Whining and throwing feces.
Add this magic incantation to your page and help will soon appear.
General information pages

Special pages

Things to do

An entire list of options.
Write an article requested by users like you, or request an article yourself.