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Bloink.svg Media Reuse Policy

You are encouraged to use images that have already been uploaded to Uncyclopedia.

To view or search previously uploaded images, go to the list of uploaded images, the MIME search, or the most linked images, or browse image categories for specific types of images.

Copyright.png Media Upload Policy
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Pornographic/shock/gore images which are clear copyright violations and/or which serve little satirical purpose will be deleted without warning. You may be blocked from uploading if you abuse the system.

By uploading media to Uncyclopedia you agree that you are either the original copyright owner and are releasing it under the Creative Commons license used by Uncyclopedia, or that you are adhering to the license of the media's author by uploading it to Uncyclopedia. Public domain, Creative Commons, and other copyleft media are generally permitted as long as you attribute the author and the source during the upload. Some picture you found on Facebook with a watermark on it is definitely not permitted.

Please give your files some kind of meaningful name. A non-descriptive string of numbers for example should be avoided, instead use a name that describes what is contained in the image.

This list is to help you find images appropriate for Uncyclopedia without violating the copyrights of some litigious photojournalist. This list is free to use in exchange for money or referring your friends to do the same.

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If all else fails you can always search Google Images filtering by the Creative Commons license