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Found or created a newsworthy story related to art, artists or the art world (it can be painting, sculpture, dance, literature, architecture, culture, design, photography, film or any of the arts with the exception of music, which has a portal all of its own)?

Why not add it here, so it'll appear on Uncyclopedia's Art Portal where it could be seen by as many as four people (please note that Uncyclopedia does not guarantee this figure and that your article may be viewed by -4 or fewer people)? Make sure it's all in keeping with the standard UnNews rules, in fact just use the standard UnNews "Start a New Article" function (it's on the UnNews main page) and you won't go far wrong.

Once you've done that, add it to the list below the line, using the same format as what's already there. If yours brings the total to more than six, kindly remove the right number from the end of the list to bring the total back to six again - the art portal's cluttered enough as it is, so we don't need any more on there. For the same reason, please don't use thumbnails images as is done on the recent news template.