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26 November 2009

Fancy chair made from rare three headed sheep sold for a record 82 million dollars at Christies.

BANGOR, Maine -- A find in the garage of a recently deceased town drunk has recently been sold at auction for $82 million. The object-d'art is constructed from the carcass of the rare Balearic Islands Three-headed Sheep. These sheep were produced thousands of years ago by breeding continental domesticated sheep with the resident Balearic Lizard-legged Goat, producing a new breed of three-headed ovines[1].

At present, there are 42 of these magnificent creatures still living on the island of Majorca, making is eligible for the United Nations Endangered Species List.

The chair was custom made in 1755 by renowned furniture builder Silvern Bonobo of Marseilles for Duke Howie Mensch of Austria. When the family estate was overrun and razed by maddened commoners, much of the furniture and valuables were secreted away by bitter Welshmen on their way through Slovakia at the time.

The opening bid at Christie's American branch in Rockefeller Center, New York last Thursday was 18 million dollars. The lucky buyer was world traveler and bon vivant Kim Jong-il of North Korea

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