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"My cultural legacy will outlive all of you quote-fabricating shitfuckers, eat greasy pimpled dicks you worm-brained junk oglers." — Oscar Wilde

July 8: Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde Day

  • 1914 - The first National Making Up Oscar Wilde Quotes Championship is held in Southamptonshire on Boxbridge, England.
  • 1929 - Just months after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, hungry bread line patrons fill their stomachs by eating the collected works of Oscar Wilde.
  • 1947 - Oscar Wilde fever sweeps across the United States, with his play The Duchess of Padua briefly replacing the Foxtrot as the "bee's knees".
  • 1959 - Presidential hopeful John F. Kennedy reads excerpts of Wilde's poem Ravenna to a sold-out crowd at Rice University.
  • 1969 - An IBM computer gains sentience and prints out a copy of Wilde's letter De Profundis.
  • 2007 - Online garbage fire Uncyclopedia hopes referencing Oscar Wilde rubs off on the quality of its shitty articles, fails horribly.