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Kittens can mess with your mind, man.

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If docter evil can have a mini me why can't I! yes its true the only reason kittens are on earth is envy that furry white fluff ball with the evil stare wanted to take over poland but more importanly wanted to sit on docter evils head so no one would think he is bald and at the right moment pounce onto their heads yep thats how she (or he) planed to travel to Poland by clinging to bald peoples heads but when she/he/it relized there was a very little amount of bald people she/he/it had to do something about it and that was to destroy all the shampoo in the world people will be so ashamed of there dirty hair they will shave it off soon every one will be bald and she/he/it can collect all of the discarded hair in the world and make the world largest snowman and call it jimmy MWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHA *falls off chair* MWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHA...... oh and some of the hair became mutated and became what we now know as kittens