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The PlayStation 4 is the newest offering into the console market by Sony, who have characterized the console as 'extremely experimental', probably as an attempt to rival better systems. Though little information has been released, the bits that have been leaked out have indicated a very promising future for the system and the company, and it might just dig them out of the ditch they've dug.

The design for the new console was recently released to the general public, which appears to be a plain, ordinary cardboard box. When questioned about this controversial prototype, a Sony representative chuckled lightheartedly and explained the true nature of the system. "This is just the start," Sony announced. "What we have here is a platform. The box is just the beginning. We will expand it. And you'll get to buy the upgrades to make it really do things, like actually play games. How would you like a way to control the system? We're planning a revolutionary new idea, which we like to call the controller. Well, it might not actually... do anything. But it's definitely a possibility." (more...)


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Did you know that:

...Grand Theft Audio is a 2007 video game produced by a small development studio formed within the Recording Industry Association of America.

...Star Trek Online (STO) is the latest in a long list of awesome and successful Star Trek games.

  • ...Amy Rose was governor of Florida from 2007-2009


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