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"5 Stars"
Non-Huffable Kitten, the Movie
Release Date (EN) May, 2007
Release Date (JP) Never
Rating N/A

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“This is soooo gonna be huffed...”

~ David beckham on Non-Huffable Kitten the movie

“***** 5 star film i think i was asleep for most of it...”

~ Kermit the Frog on Non-Huffable Kitten the movie

“Barney wasn't here to comment, because he is dead. He was my best friend. We had alot in common.”

~ Michael Jackson on Barney's death

“Michael, still no one gives a flying f*ck!”

~ Everyone on Above Quote

The Non-Huffable Kitten is the only kitten who has never been huffed and is said to be a haunting, recurring illusion seen by the experienced kitten huffer. It has been rumored to only be a pet kitten owned by Michael Jackson, the implications of which would rock this world if confirmed. Jackson is considered the most massive kitten huffer in the history of forever, so in his defeat lies the hope for trillions of helpless kittens.

Non-Huffable Kitten, the Movie[edit]


Every time you masturbate god kills a cat, this time its the Non-Huffable Kitten; will he survive?

In this the first in a series of films about the Non-Huffable Kitten, we discover every time a person masturbates a cat is killed this time God has chosen the Non-Huffable Kitten to die will he survive? You decide!! to place your vote ring 0800-ihuffcats although this movie was rated 18 which was completely fucking ridiculous and not for your own good and the ratings workers are all amazingThey are fucking stupid as well.


The title for this new movie is 'God attacks'. The creator of the movie came up with this idea when a giant hand came and crushed his cat whilst he masturbated. After he had eaten the remains he swore one day he would get his revenge and so he has by making this movie. The actual movie took 20 minutes to make as it is formed from small clips from The Adventures Of The Non-Huffable Kitten. It was released on Thursday the 24th of May 2007 and by the Friday it had already broken records as every single person in Britain, America, Spain, France, Iraq, Germany, Belgium, Denmark..... oh forget it. A lot of people went to see it right, happy now?

The Partially Huffable Kitten has to fight his way through hordes of nazis sent by Kitler


This movie starts with The Non-Huffable Kitten walking down a street when god reaches down to crush The Non-Huffable Kitten who then performs a series of back flips and escapes in to the sewers. god then sends an army to kill him and The Non-Huffable Kitten has to fight his way to freedom through the tunnels where he meets his greatest ally, The Partially Huffable Kitten. Together they escape to the country side where they start a Non Huffability generation facility so they can turn all kittens in to Non-Huffable Kittens so as to end all kitten huffing, but of course this can't happen otherwise the film studio would lose out on about $5,000,000,000,000 as they couldn't make a sequel and we would have to kill them all.

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