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WARNING!: This article will make you eaten by a grue or the King of monsters. You will be eaten in three years unless you bookmark this page.


“Hmmmm...Stroke my green penis, you will”

~ Yoda on King of monsters

“For the last time, I am not a ram Plushie! Not a MIZO ram either! I will keel you if you sayie that agedin!”

~ King of monsters on Stupid Temple Grandin

“The king of monsters is one thing that you ain't wanna be involved with!”

~ Captain Obvious on King of monsters

“No Hangly-man, dick dick dick dick dowde!”

~ King of monsters on Preventing Pac-Man from having sex, fuck and shit with the Pac-People

The King of monsters is a brown sheep-like beast who has a big smile. He seeks on people who torture Cookie Monster (and other damn monsters) and people who play the fool sometimes. He is the master of all creepers, Cookie Monsters, Oscar the Grouchs, Ghasts, slender men, Plushies, grues, UberGrues, Anti-Grues, eurgs, wild bush cars, scarecrows, and H.R. Pufnstuf.

The king of monsters. If you say he is a Sheep, an orgy, an orc, a Plushie, a Pillow, or a Scarecrow, he will eet you like a groo!

There have been several reports of the king of monsters being groped by children, and even Chicago knows about this. When this happens, the children will be pervertly snagged to the king of monsters' world, then have one of his most revived, healthy, and successful monsters try to take away their candy and snacks if they have any, and then the Titanic (as it can see the whole world) will transform into its H.R. Pufnstuf form.

A children's punishment for groping the king of monsters.
The Titanic's Pufnstuf form.

How to prevent the king of monsters from messing with you[edit]

1. Don't grope the king of monsters.

2. Don't say that monsters are fictional.

3. Don't mistake the king of monsters for anything he looks like. Doing that will result you in being huffed like a kitten.

4. Don't kick Cookie Monster in the ass.

5. Don't kill a grue.

This is what humans say what the king of monsters looks like in the dark.

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