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1 April 2010

The original April fool.

WASHINGTON DC - Over a week after the historic health care bill was passed, President Barack Obama gave his seven hundredth speech on health care reform today in front of the United States Congress. Addressing the nation in the most serious expression and tone, the President said:

This left a cold silence in the house, broken only by the President's own hysterical laughter. After calming down and catching his breath, President Obama explained the joke to the confused masses:

At this point President Obama was interrupted by, "You lie!", from Representative Joe Wilson again. Obama replied, "Yeah, that was the idea, Joe." Embarrassed, Wilson sat back down, leaving the President to continue his speech.

That particular line caused every member of Congress to burst into tears laughing. Once the happy noises died down, President Obama took the time to thank everyone who made the prank possible.

Lowering his voice in a more somber tone, President Obama ended the speech by paying tribute to the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

A groan erupted in the audience, prompting Obama to say, "What? Too soon?" Realizing he might have overplayed it, President Obama quickly wrapped it up.

Reaction to the President's April Fools prank has been mixed. Republicans have criticized the joke as mean, elitist, and Muslimish, while many on the Left, such as Congressman Dennis Kucinich, are infuriated that real health care reform has been delayed even longer. However, most mainstream Democrats, though disillusioned, are not upset, being physically incapable to think negatively about Obama. Reports from North Dakota say Billy Bob Jenkins strongly disapproves of the bill.

Immediately after the speech, a press conference was held by the White House's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Permanently paranoid, several reporters asked if the Administration was secretly pulling any other practical jokes, such as Global Warming, or the President's recent Nobel Peace Prize, for example. "Of course not," said Gibbs, with a small snicker.


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