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Interstate 10
Part of the Jerry Seinfeld Interstate Highway System
Length: 5000 miles (Not in Texan Miles)
Formed: Sand/Bones/Dirt/Asphalt
West End: SR-1, next to Santa Monicaaaa....
Major Junction: Too many.
East End: I-95 at Daniel Jacksonville

Interstate 10 (sometimes abbreviated to INSTA-10) is the south-most south-north-eastern-west Interstate in the United States of America and, illegally, in Texas. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, and thus is a very thin Interstate in the center Texas area, much to the dismay of Texan truck drivers.

Major Cities[edit]

According to results from the 1968 Rock, Paper, Scissors Competition, Louisiana controls this interstate and what it's major cities are. Due to a foreseen event, the New Orleans Interstate Control Corporation cannot access the Interstate system. Control of major cities has now moved to the Arizona Board of Illegalized Gambling.

Almost forgot, bolded cities are control cities. Lol.

  • Santa Monicaaa, California
  • Lost Angeles, California
  • San Mexicano-Namo-Cityo, California
  • Riverside, California (Don't ask me why a town beside a lake is a 'major city', I'm only a bunch of 1s and 0s.)
  • India, California (No, this isn't actually the entire state of India crumbled into one major city. Sorry Tech Support!')
  • Blah, California (Blah blah blah, you get the memo.)
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Las Cruces New Mexico
  • Old El Paso, Texas
  • Van Horny, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas (Location of the world's biggest burger. Eat it, avoid the explosive diarrhea, and win a free cowboy hat.)
  • Houston, Texas
  • FrenchLand, Texas
  • Lake Prince Charles, Louisiana (Now called Prince Charles Ocean)
  • Lafayette, Louisiana (Access only by boat)
  • Baton Blue, Louisiana
  • Atlantis, Louisiana
  • Mobile, Alabama (Home to the largest trailer parks in America)
  • Pensapepsi, Florida
  • Tallamaahasseess, Florida
  • Lake's Head, Florida
  • Daniel Jacksonville, Florida

Route Description[edit]


As almost everybody in California rides the Interstate 10 to go shopping, people have given this route a great number of names including (but not limited to):

The law defining the Interstate is undefined, as the great Arnold Schwarzenegger could care less about it. Nonetheless, he tears the Interstate with his Hummer every day.


The message you get when entering Arizona.

It's sand, lots and lots of sand. Pack up on gas and water or you're screwed. In Phoenix, prepare to spend six days sitting in traffic. Your car may or may not make it through this state in the same condition it was before it entered.

New Mexico[edit]

Nothing is to be found in New Mexico along the interstate, except a few shitty hotels, some abandoned teepees, and a helluva lot of Mexicans. If you are White, people will stare at you funny. Only one White person lives there, and she's a piece of white trash gal working at the Denny's in Deming who cliams that she was abandoned by her rich, California family on their way to Florida.


A simple section of Interstate in Texas.

Interstate 10 going through Texas is considered quite 'simple to navigate' by the locals, though those from outside the Texas country will find themselves searching for a gun to shoot themselves. Luckily guns are easy to find in Texas along this Interstate. (Surprisingly, driving through Houston on I-10 is quite an enjoyable experience. Really. I promise.)

One section of the Texas interstate has 26 lanes, including 4 HOV lanes, 2 HOT lanes (for those with dang hot looks, many people from Texas are ineligible for using this lane), and 16 truck lanes, even though only half of them are used most of the time.

Truck stops are quite common along the Texas section of this Interstate. Expect to find the following at these stops:

  • 4 Shell Gas Stations
  • 2 Exxon Diesel Stations
  • 30 Coca-Cola Machines
  • 31 Pepsi Machines
  • 17 Dr. Pepper Machines
  • 2 Coca-Cola with lemon Machines
  • 3 Pepsi with lemon Machines
  • 4 Coca-Cola Black Machines
  • 5 Diet Pepsi Machines
  • 6 Coca-Cola with Cherry Machines
  • 7 Cherry Pepsi Machines
  • 1 Hobo


This man has obviously been to Mississippi, his skin even shows it.

Due to the secrecy regarding this section, there will be no information provided.


Nothing notable here due to the length of the highway in Mississippi except some lake near the highway, however, an odd toilet may appear on the side of the highway.


They are simple folk there in ole' Alabama, most of which will lead you through their simple state. But be forewarned, many will trick you with fine print contracts which will force you to file for bankruptcy.

By reading this page, you will give me all of your assets, sucker.


To accommodate incoming tourists, the lanes of the Interstate in Florida were increased to 47. Along with that, the number of ads for orange fruit stands increased by 500%, which also increased tourist suicide rates by 500%.


  • Many exits in Atlantis lead to nowhere. Then again, there's no way to access this part of Interstate anyways, so who cares.
  • In Texas, the Interstate speed limit is 100 mph. Might want to do out your will.
  • At various points on the Interstate, the grade can reach 10%. It is highly recommended by state officials that you pack a roller coaster car with you when travelling this section.
  • Mile 666 occurs in Houston, Texas. Talk about tough luck.

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