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(brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (brrrrrfp) (click-click)

Welcome to the U.S. Highway Directory Assistance, also known as the US Highway 411.

  • To learn more about Interstates, press 1.
  • To learn more about America's lesser-but-still-important grid of US Routes, press 2.
  • To learn more about state roads, press 3.
  • To learn more about how Dwight D. Eisenhower revolutionized the way America travels, press 4.
  • To learn more about changing a flat tire, press 5.
  • To find out what that red oil can on your dashboard means, press 6
  • To repeat this menu, press 7
  • To speak to a live person, press 0 repeatedly until your phone dies.

Thank you for calling the U.S. Highway Directory Assistance. Your phone bill has now been updated.

You may choose to call US Highway 1-900-FREE-411 in order to not rack up additional charges to your phone bill, what with you being a total roadgeek.

Goodbye. (click)

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