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By watching this, you become a piece of art.

“In Soviet Russia, Dada doesn't get YOU!”

~ Russian Reversal on Dadaism

This is no article on Dadaism. It is a potential piece of art. The page you see before you can be merged into your imagination as an artistic concept. The very page itself can be evoked to become an artistic experience by your own desire that this shall really happen. If you don't see it as art, then you simply aren't being artistic enough. If it isn't funny, that is a reflection over you and your own boring imagination. If you think this is just a lame excuse for not writing a better article on Dada that is just a reflection of your own unimaginatory and suspicious laziness. You will never understand Dada. Nor fit into any New Age meditation Campus.

The non-existent concept of Dadaism was immortalized by the band Trio, with their cult classic "Da Da Da". No scientific evidence exists, but it is surmised that repeatedly listening to this song will allow individuals to reach higher planes of existence.

Poetry[edit | edit source]

Fluxus activities including
Movement proponents and carnage
worthwhile Dada on later hoped
And to is became people thus
According movements modern
Gatherings journals Pop protest
influenced styles confusion world
Aesthetics believed of of ironic
creation It everything express
Traditional influential created and
Publication Through society believed
World ignored demonstrations
Participated its to in who
Nihilistic the randomness inspired
Believed reaped they rather
Upside mankind not view

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