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Tao of Pooh, Tao of Physics, Tao of Warren Buffet

Tao that is true Tao cannot be told.
Tao that not is true Tao make much money sell to Americans.
Nameless begin of heaven and earth.
Name that can be name is registered trademark of HarperCollins®, Inc. All rights reserved.
Ever desireless one sees the mystery.
Ever desiring, one get very good discount (and free shipping).
Ever with psychedelic drug, one quote Lao Tzu with organic soy veggie-bacon in mouth.
Organic soy veggie-bacon no good as real bacon.
These two same but different.
This mystery -- Darkness.
Lao Tzu not smoke LSD.

Tao of Ways

Hippie quote Lao Tzu, not get job or haircut.

Foolish man see Man on Cross drive SUV.
Hippie quote Lao Tzu, not get job or haircut.
Clever man write book with "Tao" in title, make money drive Porsche.
Thus now you illumined, where there is Tao there is many things.
Only what is the Tao endures.

Tao of Make Million Dollar Quick

He who know Tao make million dollar.
He who know he have enough not been to mall.
He who have nothing not know secret of Pyramid Scheme.
The Sage make phone call pay three easy payments $19.95.
Tell friend about secret Tao.
Friend of Sage pay three easy payments $19.95, tell friend.
With heaven and earth, the valley flow.
The Sage earn million dollar quick.

Tao of Lose Weight

Tao is brand you can trust.

American eat much.
Worst eat many donuts, not use Master's diet.
Bad eat little.
Wisest eat donuts everyday, but look like best shape of your life with Tao.
The Sage loses weight without effort.
The more you eat, the less you weigh.
The more you exercise, the more you fat.
Only pay $19.95 plus Shipping and Handling.
You guaranteed to get more laid.
Motionless and eternity, sit on couch.
Television -- stillness, the universe, this is Tao.

Tao is Like Aquafina

The Master drink Aquafina

Tao is like water Aquafina.
There is nothing in world like Aquafina.
It flow to lowest place, not strive.
Nothing more soft than Aquafina, yet soft overcome the hard.
But not taste like tap water--also come in Berry Splash with Splenda.
Therefore Lao Tzu drink Aquafina and get check for endorsement.

Tao of Pick Up Girls

Many man want get woman in bed -- this is Way of Heaven.
Wise man write book on how-to.
He who stands against Tao not get laid.
Say many mystical thing - not help much.
This sell very well.

Tao of War

Wise man have exit strategy.
Ill omen when weapons of mass destruction not there.
To win war, need tanks.
To win peace, need Tao.
Army battle of violence and hatred
Sage battle for hearts and minds - harmoniousness ever-flowing
Ruler must be like female goat, ever calmness in essence of unsharpening blade of bucket.
Win war is not win war, win war by not win war, this is Tao.
Make sure you have enough chariots, with charioteer on the left.

Tao of Television

The Way and Its Power

The Eternal Way overcomes.
Understand is not need.
Kung Fu is good for ratings.

Tao of Write Books Called "The Tao of ----"

The Tao is good marketing.
Sage say "Yellow is new black."
American like catchy title.
Sage show you how write book on Tao.
One is many.

Tao of Science

The Unwise study ten thousand equation.
Student of Tao have little patience for ten thousand equation.
All is one.
One is all.
Learning is like sleeping -- flow ever downward like Aquafina.
The lowest place, the lowest score, always like Tao, like empty vessel.
He who know much, understand little.
Student of Tao lazy, read easy book, no ten thousand equation.
Know the Universe.

Tao of Boredom

Wise man meditate on mountain.
Busy man busy.
Bored man write Uncyclopedia article on Tao.
The Uncarved Block is.

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