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Do you remember me? I'm David Letterman, back from when Saturday Night Live used to be funny.

“What happened to SNL? Didn't it used to be funny?”

~ Baby boomers/Gen Xers/Millennials/Zoomers on Saturday Night Live as it used to be in 1975/1995/2005/2015
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about Saturday Night Live.

Saturday Night Live, or SNL (Still Not Laughing), is a washed-up comedy show created by washed-up comedy boss Lorne Michaels that is remembered for its washed-up mediocre comedy. The show, as well as its title, is based on lies since the majority of the show airs on Sunday morning, way after midnight in some time zones.

Nothing is a more telltale sign of no-talent than when a show's writers go to failed presidential candidates for jokes, though in Saturday Night Live's case, they operate as Hillary's public relations team. Sarah Palin was also impersonated but crazy enough to appear with the person who did that.

It's storied history and context:

Today, in the late 2010s into 2020, it is nothing but a rusty old trophy of a show that NBC has yet to retire. In fact, if it weren't for the guest celebrities and lip-syncing recording artists, then the show would almost certainly be canceled. And if it weren't for the quality nose candy that SNL provides at their show afterparties, the guest celebrities and recording artists would cancel their appearances on this show.

The low quality and low cultural value of SNL nearly matches the worst-of-the-worst rock bottom of comedy, the dreadful Uncyclopedia. Not entirely and like here has it's moments, as Andy Kaufman once had a sketch on SNL long ago. Some of the alumni worked with the Fox crew, In Living Color as the In Living Color alumni collaborated with Danny DeVito to do the haunting biopic. We're allowing the cast members who are no longer around -- we're quoting them for the page so it will be even as poignant, though the crew thinks that the show is a bit unfunny but we're showcasing some of the more noteworthy of the era.

The one who is editing this, the uncle who was the same age has the moments playing Blues Brothers and seeing the glimpse of Illinois history from the 1970s. The elder Belushi and regular collaborator were researching this a while before introducing the characters on big screen. There's something there if one looks close enough and surprising results show up on with the alumni as discussed but we don't want to blow surprises. We're trying to capture the spirit of the show at the same time we're showcasing the ones who really should be celebrated.

Content Over It's 45 Years

“Since you've all been such good boys and girls, I would like to take everybody in this entire audience out for milk and cookies. There are buses outside. Everybody follow me.”

~ Andy Kaufman (1949-1983)

It's common knowledge that the mainstream genre of Lukewarm Comedy (1982–present) began when John Belushi died sometimes the brother, Jim came in but few far between (admit it his brother had a tough act to follow. Appearing with Governator on a film;) therefore, SNL has no hope. How about a legion of Donald Trump impersonators? Michael Che saying the n-word?[1]

Well, I guess if you really wanted to watch something funny, you would change the channel to Comedy Central instead of watching the only late show on Saturday nights, a wishy-washy, whitewashed unfunny post-Belushi SNL, which gets less real laughs than CNN.[2]

In the era of Donald Trump, the show mainly consists of unfunny sketches of Trump impersonators, and failed U.S. presidential candidate Hillary "Pokémon Go to the Polls" Clinton singing Leonard Cohen.

Now, realizing they can't rely on Trump forever. The show is once again starting to run out of ideas for sketches. But nonetheless, SNL has plenty of original sketches like Weekend Update, right? MTV alumni handled this and did it before Colbert and Jon Stewart. The one who was an expert at handling tough crowds named Colin Quinn. This one his expertise was race relations and social studies.

Oh yeah, I just remembered if I wanted news-as-comedy I would watch Stephen Colbert or John Oliver. The Sean Connery/Celebrity Jeopardy days have ended, and now there's shit. But the Trump thing, that's original, right? Clinton too, right? RIGHT? No! The joke is on you now! They lied! But it's still running because celebrities like pretending they're funny.[3]

It has its moments when they tapped Jim Belushi and John Goodman. It was like the brother never left, being he also attended College of DuPage, as a college buddy of who is editing this also attended Second City. Some of the hosts had ties to Shermer, Illinois, in truth being nonfictional Des Plaines. Many of their clean comics came from Florida. Will Ferrell was trying to see how much he was trying to get away with on the show. revealed some of his moments and the one that's infamous was spelling our favorite swear word in Illinois. I think he was trying to get SNL to let him say "Fuck" on the air.

True Noteworthy Alumni.

We at uncyclopedia knows original when they see it so as much we razz on talent we know it too. This on is the reason they still know about the small press roster that stands out to this day. The one who saw her singling out similar to his last weeks with, she was spotted with the same painting our own scared both and with. She connected with him on to this day since going at, suggested she writes her roles for film.

Then you had Victoria Jackson doing a headstand; she's someone we leave alone because what she did for one of our new guys. She is always known as being extremely athletic and handling the role of Nightmare Ned's mother. She already caused a few rifts in the media and we're cutting her a break, see Southern Baptists for the rift she may invited to table as her daughter is a published author too.

If she was in her forties doing the photo she did, she would made a very solid stunt woman like her fellow alumni Eddie Murphy (see UnNews did feature him as there are moments of this too over his RAW performance. Jokes on the critics because PBS recorded what he gained and it's named for Mark Twain. He became more family-friendly with age but has his moments.)

Let her artwork get featured on the show and allow her daughter to do the writing, the next best thing to having the Jim and his late brother or another from College of DuPage writing the show or Chevy Chase.

Some of our connections we should have her write further than some of us as what some will see with a few never expect to enter the publishing sector. Though there is a part of something she said should be careful with such statements because the wrong people might latch on, (i.e White people and Paula Deen come to mind with the statements.) Having been in touch with Sen. Andrew Ian Dodge in his last years. We should let the alumni tell their stories for this part if the page.

Those of you giving her flack, study this photo and her painting. To bring her daughter in the publishing arena, the seeds are there for something rivaling Richard Matheson and his sons. [4]. She was sharing something with ties to "Dr." Dino aka Kent Hovind and our own said, "Wait a minute there's something in between these two perspectives." Let's get you in touch with Kara Cooney of UCLA because there's a role of a lifetime in this.

For those of you who ask about her to this day we're going to show one of her iconic handstands, it's a question if she can still handle a balance beam at 60. What had our new member reaching out to her is she is connected to some of his correspondents over the years and suggested a serious role of a dry-witted detective investigating the Cancer Snub Scandal subjects.

Sandler good chance might said that while petting his one of his bulldogs. This is one of them over the years.

Adam Sandler is another noteworthy one for bringing many of his personal friends onto projects. This is what he relates:

“I know what they're going to say to every movie -- they're going to say they don't like it. We'll be OK. I believe in my stuff. That's important to me and my friends and the people I make the movies for. I like them, that's the good news.”

~ Adam Sandler on his critics.

Every SNL alumni has their critics but if they never touched a hard drug to be creative, just give them some leeway to do their thing. Funny some still are as they're honest, though plagued with tragedy such as the loss of Chris Farley. Some of us can insult better than Chevy Chase but we've got an article passage speaking how he's got the banhammer from the show.

This relates, "Chevy was not popular among his SNL co-stars, because he was not only insensitive when it came to the writers’ room, but he was also openly insulting to anyone and everyone in his path. According to the book Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live, Chevy was a, “a viciously effective put-down artist, the sort who could find the one thing somebody was sensitive about — a pimple on the nose, perhaps — and then kid about it, mercilessly." [5]

Joe Pesci who was raised Catholic got applause for his application of 3M Scotch tape of Sinead's infamous stunt, and said he wanted to flat out smack her over that stunt. (Not promoting violence against women here but we know where this is coming from. It's like seeing fan fiction of established copyrighted properties.) Adam Sandler's collaborator though an actor during 9/11 he became noticed for what he was before he became an actor. We're using for this part because he went to his old Firehouse.

“ I was a fireman for four years, from 1980 to ’84. My first year on the job, I didn’t do any acting, even though I had gone to school for acting and had done some stand-up comedy before I took the job. But after I had been on the job for about a year, I started going back to acting classes. It was around that time that I met Mark Boone and we started doing our own work. And then I started working with the theater group Willem Dafoe was with. I was constantly doing theater, and the first couple of films I did, I was still with the fire department — Engine 55, in Little Italy. I was in the engine company, which means we were responsible for getting in there with the hose and putting out the fire.”

~ Steve Buscemi on his career before an actor [6]

So that reason these alumni are able to express in their own words on the said pages ad their own pictures are found for this presentation for both funny and the informative aspects. Therefore making them even more noteworthy than what the critics pan them for.

“Pope John Paul II forgave the man who shot him, I am sure he is not bothered by this”, as well “If she defaced any images of Italian popes, watch out!"”

~ Joe Pesci, then rips up a photo of O'Connor.[7]

Premiere and run

This is actually the band Soundgarden, but think of them as the original SNL cast members (from left to right): Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase, and Jane Curtin. Some other people were on the show too, but nobody can remember them.

Sat-"turd"-day[8] Night Live debuted on October 11, 1975 from Canadian producer Lorne Michaels's imperial palace (known only as 30 Rockefeller Center, 30 Rock, The Tina Fey Show, etc.) and became a success from the beginning, mainly due to the infighting that created sketches (such as Chevy Chase's blatant Antisemitism and commentary above, Garrett Morris's freebasing accident, and Laraine Newman's brief stint cross-dressing as King Henry VIII of England). The Bee Gees, a barbershop-singing trio that reinvented disco music, made numerous appearances. The first host was comedian George Carlin, a man who thought he was the next Lenny Bruce.[9]

Beginning with the second episode, fans began complaining that Saturday Night Live wasn't as funny as the last one. This was the beginning of a slow decline (marked by Chevy Chase's attempted suicide in leaving the show, probably because he wasn't really that funny), due primarily to Michaels's paranoia that his 30 Rock Imperial Castle would be demolished (and an affair with a Carrot Top — kind of boytoy, which led to a considerable exodus of talent on his roster).

Real shocking moment and someone made a damn gif out of it, "Fight the real enemy" was greeted with intense controversy. The bigger shocker in the last part of 1999 she became a priest herself...[10]

To counter this, Michaels started to book more obscure celebrities in an attempt to have more free will to make fun of them. This led to Buck Henry holding the record for Most Times Hosting (thirty-seven times, though only two were actually considered "funny"). Michaels also convinced the cast to start joining him in drug binges. However, this backfired as Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi (after a good LSD trip) saw the light and (with the help of "Snake" Pliskin) escaped from New York and moved to Hollywood, where they formed The Blues Brothers (whose success predated the fall of SNL, without the help of Michaels).

Then one is known as the five timer's club as hosts; and some of them are noteworthy though let's not forget the photograph rip in half. An Eye In Shadows author saw this play up as a teenager and remembered this as he went at on that level. He writes of the Pope Tearing, "I was still a sophomore when I noticed this play up. I had no idea I had something I wrote that could stir a the targeted on that level and seeing a contributor respond this way. I am not sorry for writing this one bit, but irony learning a woman from Florida being the same age as the ill-fated character. I didn't know."


Jon Lovitz tries to put on a good face while commemorating the Great American Humor Blight of '80. He was fired two minutes later. He became known as one of the Subway pitch men in the 1990s. Around the time of Jared Fogle. The Onion was even factual on this one.

“You're only as sick as your secrets.”

~ Stuart Smalley

In May 1980, as the show finished its fifth season, the drug use by the cast made it open to attack at any time by the American media. It was at this point that Harry Shearer led a coup d'état upon the offices of 30 Rock, helped by other, even less funny comics such as Gilbert Gottfried, Charles Rocket, and Joe Piscopo.

The coup was successful, as the previous entire cast was killed by NBC guillotine.

However, the "new cast", as they called themselves, were revealed to be humorless after putting out only one episode. The group committed mass suicide in June 1980, and the show was disbanded. Inexplicably, knitting needles had been run through the eye(s) of all cast and crew. The NBC peacock developed alopecia and lost its feathers, and a new genre called "Oscar Wilde humor" took over NYC comedy clubs. There are some of them who remained poignant in the 1990s and had the height of their creative powers, their characters they tested out on the show became a big screen icon.

Though the satire character named Stuart Smalley became something of an icon in Tampa and with Stuart ended up getting a book deal but he catch he must not use his hallmark Mormon Profanity. The real creator of the character, get this ran for office much like Victoria did as he is an author as well. (Jesus is there a pattern here, all the noteworthy ones make their print run? Look Victoria up on if you don't believe us. Some of the alumni run on the same spectrum as Trump and others run on the other.) Dan Ackroyd got published with something that made him a mill and personal friends with Ghost Lore Historian as he does a lot of business in Chicago. He got noticed for an introduction, and the one who is editing this here was on a newsstand on the subject.

Today, the remains of Lorne Michaels's palace lie in ruins in Manhattan, and memory of Saturday Night Live is ignored by today's generation. SNL did have a spin-off called Saturday Night Dead that debuted in 1980 after Saturday Night Live ended, and is supposedly still on TV, but no one really knows because no one has ever actually watched it, possibly because it isn't funny.[11] In a parallel universe, SNL's evil twin Mad TV is closing in on its twentieth straight season.


To this day Victoria Jackson's voice acting stint may appealed to some of the small press alumni who were rising among the mid-list. Nightmare Ned -- some of us were 21 years old when it came out. According to the review on imdb of the short-lived cult show it supposed to be much DARKER.

Much like White people when was expanded this needed the footnotes because yes folks, fact is stranger than fiction. There were recent events from the Saturday Night Live front related. There are some aspects we wish to invite some of them to play up some of what we shared here. We to fact check the media.

would we lie to you?

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  2. CNN is more (unintentionally) humorous than an entire SNL Death Star monstrosity. Where do SNL and NBC Studios get off hiring a thousand writers on staff? Does it take that long to execute a one-minute sketch now because 1,000 writers have to write it, and several bush-league performers can't do shit? Where are all these Kool-Aid-drinking idiots going to fit in the building? And when it's finally on-air, why isn't anyone talking about SNL more than the Kardashian sisters? Seems to me that SNL must suck. Some of their writers from the 1970s collaborated with input of the 1990s era they both made a mint in the movies based upon their beloved characters.
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Some of us were not born when the original SNL emerged but saw the 1990's version where the alumni featured here will be showcased and in their own words. We at Uncyclopedia content free right and we're just giving a glimpse of history as seen above.

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