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"You are now reading this in my voice."


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Gilbert Gottfried (born February 28, 1955) is an American comedian known for his scratchy voice and oddly Asian complexion. He is known for performing stand-up comedy on television series such as Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central Roasts, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and USA Up All Night. He is also known as the irritating-yet-endearing voice behind duck characters in children's television and film, such as Iago in the Disney movie Aladdin and Digit in the PBS mathulation series Cyberchase.

Gottfried was voted for having the "Sexiest, Smoothest Voice" in People magazine for nine consecutive years. Being the son of a Peking Duck entree, his voice possesses a highly-distinguished mating call. This call, which was unknown by scientists to arouse a primitive part of a woman's sexual cortex, has forced Gottfried to pursue a life in showbiz. His voice is currently under analysis by scientists at M.I.T. while edited into hundreds of AFLAC TV commercials.

Gottfried is also known to perform loud, degrading racial humor that spirals into minstrel blackface rants at high decibel levels, due to his extensive comedy training with The Church of Scientology. Gottfried's attempts at absurdist, deconstructionist, intellectual forms of humor with no narrative nor logic are also part of his stand-up, even though despite such attempts, one could sense that he dropped out of high school because he can't read.

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