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The Racistpedia logo, which is in black and white to represent the Racistpedia view of the world.
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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Racistpedia.

Racistpediathe encyclopedia that niggers, gooks, kikes, spics, squaws, and hajjis can't edit – is a wiki encyclopedia written from a RPoV (racist point of view). Launched on January 18th 2008 by its founder; ChronAryan (now a Google employee), it is Wikia's 27th most popular site behind Thai Food Recipes Wiki.


The site started out as Racist Recipes Wiki in 2008. Originally a self-sufficient wiki, the site offered delicious recipes for unclever, racist food puns such as 'Aryan foodcake', 'kike casserole', and 'FUCK WRITING THIS ARTICLE I'M GONNA GO GET HIGH' (their first featured article). An entire category of foods, called 'Nigger Nutrition', featured recipes for delectable dishes enjoyed by African Americans; such as watermelon, fried chicken, and Kool-Aid. For a while, site administration deleted the category and all of its articles because, they said, "Blacks enjoy these foods, ergo, you should feed them none of this". The category was eventually resurrected when it was reasoned that everyone enjoys fried chicken, watermelon, and Kool-Aid too.

In 2009, the wiki began to focus more on being a racist encyclopedia. It began published articles refuting Holocaust denial denial denial, bitching about how bad Mexicans are at building decks, and calling Barack Obama a nigger – and considering this comment on its own to be the funniest and most original thing ever written. The site gained an early boost in popularity by being namedropped by Bill O'Reilly as one of his favorite sources of information.

In 2010, the site's administration gave the website a reskin with a mostly black layout. The administrators said it was "easier on the eyes, as computer monitors are lightbulbs and not paper". Many users felt that the color was disgusting, and that the previous white text on white background layout was better (some argued that it could have been whiter). On May 15th, 2012, a Forbes Magazine article at my dentist's office claimed that the site's largest competitor in the flourishing racist wiki industry is Conservapedia.


Many educators have criticized wikis like Racistpedia for causing bad research habits in students. Because Racistpedia is a secondhand source of information, it is not a proper information source for citations. To remedy this, Racistpedia launched its own science program, led by its Science Director/moonshiner and meth cook, Jimbob McDoodles. They publish new scientific discoveries monthly, such as 'Whys them Negros is Astrologically Inferior', and 'Ergonomic Crossburning Methods'.

Like all wikis, Racistpedia is susceptible to vandalism and deconstructive edits which may deviate from the racist point of view until they are reverted.

Also, the site is kind of racist.