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This article is about the fictional Halloween serial killer Michael Myers. For that guy who played Austin Powers, see Mike Myers.

Michael Myers
Michael Myers 1978.jpg
Birth DateOctober 28, 1956 (1978-2002), Halloween (2018))
Birth PlaceHaddonfield, IL, USA
NationalityWhite, American, Evil
ReligionThorn (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Michael Audrey Myers (October 28, 1956 - October 31, 2007) is a fictional serial killer/mass murderer/slasher villain who has commited several cinematic murders, many of which involve a very large knife. He lives in Haddonfield, IL and typically wears black clothes and a white William Shatner mask when pursuing his immediate relatives random strangers of no familial relation, especially his sisters. In total, there are 10 movies about Michael, all of which have the word "Halloween" somewhere in the name. (One of which is not even a Michael Myers movie, but who cares; that film is awesome.)

This is due to the fact that Halloween is a holiday known for its mischief, and Michael plays most of his pranks on or near Halloween. Michael's career as The Boogeyman began in 1963, when he sneaked up on his sister with a large knife and then stabbed her many times, to death. The kills became more and more elaborate and sometimes humorous as the movies evolved, often involving sneaking into houses and pinning people to the walls with a huge knife in places where people would walk into them and scream. At other times he would kill somebody and then take that person's clothes or costume, such as Bob's glasses. Turns out by TMZ in 2021, Michael Myers can't stand homosexuals niether.[1]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

See Halloween (2007 film). Or better yet, don't.

You don't wanna know about Michael's early life. It's not even canon. Let's move on.

Halloween 1963[edit | edit source]

For more on the 1963 murder, see Halloween (film).

On Halloween 1963, Michael killed his sister, Judith, and was sent to a sanitarium under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis. What happened next was very boring: Michael did nothing but stare at a blank white wall for 15 years. Loomis did everything in his power to keep Michael locked up and to put him in a pink tutu and sing "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" And then one day, the unthinkable happened.

Halloween 1978[edit | edit source]

Main article: Halloween (film)

Warning: The following text might contain spoilers.

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On Halloween 1978, Michael Myers escaped from Smith's Grove-Warren County Sanitarium and stalked three teenagers. As day turned into night, Michael Myers stole "some Halloween mask, a rope and a couple of knives" and began his killing spree.

The first victim was Annie Brackett, the daughter of Sheriff Brackett. Michael strangled Annie from the backseat of her car and then slit her with his knife. Annie's final resting place was on the car horn.

Later, Myers went into the Wallace house and killed Bob. He then put on a white sheet and Bob's glasses and went upstairs to the master bedroom, pretending to be Bob with a ghost sheet. After Linda tried flirting with him, she got off the bed to call Laurie. Michael strangled her with the phone cord.

Worried, a clueless Laurie, babysitting Tommy Doyle (and now Lindsey Wallace so Annie could run off with Paul) went to the Wallace house across the street to check things out. She sees Judith Myers's grave, Annie on the bed, Bob hanging from the ceiling by his feet, Linda in the closet, and Michael Myers creeping up behind her. He stabs her shoulder, dragging down along her arm. Laurie tumbles down the stairs and runs away as fast as she can. Michael follows closely, reading Newsweek.

Laurie runs back to The Doyle house and tries to get Tommy, asleep in bed, to open the door. Myers somehow made it into the house without making a sound. He jumps up from the behind the puke-orange couch and Laurie stabs him in the neck with a giant needle from a sewing basket that just happened to be lying next to the couch.

Michael just will not die. Laurie hides in the closet, hoping Michael will be stupid enough to think she jumped out of the window. He breaks the closet door open Laurie stabs him with his knife. He drops to the floor. Is he dead yet? Laurie drops the knife as she sits down by the doorframe and weeps. Michael then wakes up.

Laurie thrashes and pulls off Myers' mask. This stops Michael just in time for Loomis to come to the rescue. He shoots Myers six times with a revolver. The killer falls off the balcony and is left for dead. But he gets up, brushes himself off, and drives Annie's car to the nearest open-mic coffee house.

Sequels[edit | edit source]

Main article Halloween

Halloween spawned a series of sequels (and a remake and its sequel) including:

Future films[edit | edit source]

Remake[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Halloween (2007 film) and Halloween II (2009 film)

On June 6, 2006, Dimension Films announced that musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie would write, produce, and direct a remake of Halloween. While most fans reacted in outrage, a minority felt it was a smart decision.

The film starred Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Rob Zombie's wife Sheri Moon, a few people from a Rob Zombie movie -- people whom you've never heard of -- and was released on August 31, 2007, making $80 Million. The film currently sits at 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 59% Audience score, certifying it rotten on both counts.

A sequel, Halloween II (not to be confused with the 1981 film), was released in 2009. It fared much worse that it's predecessor. It basically flopped. Its Rotten Tomatoes score is even more abysmal -- 19% with a 45% Audience score.

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