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The Philippines' flag before the Spanish Inquisition

The Philippines is the nation found on the other side of the world. It's that one that isn't China, Japan or Korea.

Philippine aticles are typically composed of Philippine pop culture. They also contain information that looks like self-advertising, the only difference being: Philippine articles tend to stick out its own race to the rest of the world for everyone else to see. Thus, these kind of articles are UNfunny-smelling piece of crap, but you can still read it.

Filipinos (what the people of the 7,107,000 islands around the world would claim to call themselves) like to have a laugh, in fact, every other minute you will hear a joke nobody ever find funny, but still they would laugh. Also, Filipinos tend to vandalize pages that criticize their own race, so articles found in here are/should be semi-protected to prevent Him from getting pissed and sending every Filipino to the throes of Satan.