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Regarding the Vandal question, the Führer is determined to clear the table...

“Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international protocol financiers in and outside Uncyclopedia should succeed in plunging these pages once more into a revert war, then the result will not be the ruination of these pages, and thus the victory of the Vandal, but the very annihilation of the Vandal in Uncyclopedia!”

~ Hitler on Ban Patrol Holocaust

This page is for reporting IPs or Users who are blanking, vandalizing, improperly reverting, or otherwise disrupting Uncyclopedia! Before adding an entry, READ THE RULES:

  • Check to make sure the IP/user hasn't already been listed below
  • Check Blocked IPs and the block log to see if they've already been blocked
  • If there is a major spam/blanking/vandal outbreak going on, please try to raise an admin on our IRC channel.
  • Please do not report users or IPs with only one contribution, it is pointless.
  • Use the template below. Add a short description and your signature (~~~~) as shown, or else
  • THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION PAGE. If you feel the need to babble, use the talk page.

To report a user
*{{User|<username>}} <your description> ~~~~
To report an IP
*{{IP|<username>}} <your description> ~~~~
To report an IP RANGE (advanced users only)
*{{Range|<username>}}) <your description> ~~~~

*{{User|}} Blanked [[World of Warcraft]] --~~~~
Would show as

Attention: "Bad Person" or "Monkey Breath" is not a valid reason for reporting someone to BP. Violators shall be sent for a week in the Cajek academy for the Criminally Insane

RedWarn BP

Note to both admins and non-admins: Note that on RedWarn BP, new listings are at the bottom instead of the top.

Note to admins: please close RedWarn BPs with {{BPCR}} instead of {{BPC}} until I realize how to make users show up on the top instead of the bottom.

Manual Ban Patrol

U u u wa wa (talk) – contribs (newdel)edit-countblock (remlist)all logsgroups They have repeatedly created pointless pages despite warnings from multiple editors, including myself. They have been warned many times yet they have not changed their disruptive pattern of behaviour. Though they are arguably acting in good faith, they do not seem to know how to properly write articles. I believe a temporary ban of a few days will teach them a lesson. ~ HipponiasCUN Talk - Contribs - Articles  13:58, 13 February 2021 (UTC)