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Emo Hitler: Adolf Hitler in his pre-teen pre-jacob sartorious phase, and his mid-life crisis. (Midlife crisis was during ww2) Emo Hitler was best known for his high school band, Dirty Jews. They gained a small amount of popularity before they disbanded due to Adolf becoming uninterested in music and more interested in art. His midlife crisis was the cause of WW2, and he commited suicide, or so they thought. He is still alive today, under the alias Donald Trump.

Early Life:

Emo-Hitler was not, born, contrary to popular belief, he was created at a chemical attack called Mustard Gas. The real reason we stopped using mustard gas was because it spawned Emo-Hitler, and was immediately shut down after one was spawned. He grew up in a Jewish church, with the priest that took, him in. His name was unknown, because it turned out he was not who he said he was, he molested Emo-hitler and ran off, never to be seen again, giving young adolf his hate for jews.

Other info:

Hitler now exists today as Donald Trump, a famous businessman and president of the United States.