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Weinrib Zivojinovich
Uncyclopædia.png Coatofarms.GIF
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: I don't know, a brown liquid that makes people feel differently.
Anthem: "La Villa Strangiato"
I don't even know what this is.
Capital Yes, I used the country infobox for my user article. Stop crying about it.
Largest city Mysidia
Official language(s) Igpay Atinlay, Nazi, American, Gay
Government The People's Republic of Weinburg
‑ Presidento Robert Downey Jr.
‑ Vice Presidento Anubis, God of Death
‑ Congress Captain Ishmael, Hades, Poseidon, Joe Shmoe, Mayor MacCheese, a semen-soaked towelette.
 of Independence
January 5th, 2013
Currency Ladies
Religion no thanks, I'll take have the steak instead
Population (insert dumb reference here)
Major exports Sperm
Major imports Sexy parties

Yeah, hi.[edit]

This is my User page. I probably won't use it. Unless I do.

Anywho, feel free to check out my edits and\or articles.

I'd do more cool template stuff here, but unfortunately I haven't been involved with a wiki for quite some time, so I forgot all that stuff. Whatever.

New stuff I did[edit]

Favorite Users[edit]

I pretty much love anybody who does cool stuff for me. So this list could feature you if you do something cool. It's not really that important.

  • Hotadmin4u69. You're a cool guy.
  • Mr. N - Thanks for the advice.
  • Puppy - Rewrote an article I wrote, encouraged my work.
  • Zombiebaron - Zombiebaron zombiebaron zombiebaron.
  • IFYMB! - Favorite newer user.


  • I'm now autopatrolled. Woo-fuckin'-hoo.
  • I think I'm finally finished messing with my templates. Maybe. Probably not, though.

halp pls[edit]

I always need help with templates. Give me tips please. AT ANY TIME RIGHT NOW, DO IT.

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