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I'm a long-time fan of Uncyclopedia going back to 2006. I'd have contributed here long ago, but unfortunately the Dark Side seduced me first - however, since I haven't done amuch for Wikipedia in a while, and I feel like writing more creative non-fiction than boring non-fiction these days, here I be.

....UPDATE Jan. 4 2012, dun dun dun. I was away for like, what... 8 months? Now I'm back! I'll try to keep writing UnNews, I like that most of all.

In Progress[edit]

My sandbox


UnNews:Gadhafi vows to crush walnut (2011-Feb-27)

UnNews:S. Sudan to Sudan: "It's over, and this time, I mean it!" (2011-Feb-07)

UnNews:Massive tentacled tumor extracted from man, escapes (2011-Feb-08)

UnNews:Romney takes Iowa by convincing margin (2012-Jan-04)

UnNews:Canada prepares for war with Iran (2012-Jan-06)

UnNews:Titanic comparisons endured after Italian ship disaster (2012-Jan-14)

UnNews:Basement dwellers less burdensome on parents as Star Trek Online goes free (2012-Jan-17)


HowTo:Reenact History