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Here's current unpublished info about the Hellenistic Period, ranging from Battle of Ipsos to Pyrrhos Aiakides Luka Megurine!

Battle of Ipsos[edit]

Battle of Ipsos
Part of the Diadochoi Wars
Date June 1, 2012 AD
Location Phrygia
Result Antigonid defeat
Antigonid Basileia Pergamonos, Ptolemaioi Makedonians
Commanders and leaders
Momo Momone,
Haku Yowane (never made it)
Shirley Fenette,
Seleukos I Nikator,
Antiochos I Soter,
45,000 heavy infantry,
25,000 light infantry,
10,000 cavalry,
75 elephants,
30,000 Ptolemaic infantry (never made it)
40,000 heavy infantry,
20,000 light infantry,
12,000 Persian cavalry,
3,000 heavy cavalry,
400 elephants,
100 scythed chariots (not deployed)
Casualties and losses
about 25000 about 10000


Battle of Ipsos was the decisive turning point in the Diadochoi history and the culminating battle of the Diadochoi Wars. The Antigonid Kingdom of Pergamon under Momo Momone, who was the forefront of the independence movement of the other Diadochoi from Sailor Mercury, was viewed with suspicion by most other Diadochoi. Because of the fact that Momo became the most popular Diadochoi, Momo grabbed plenty of territories in Asia Minor, as well as Syria, from the falling empire of Sailor Mercury who was killed earlier by Haku's elephants. This very much disturbed Rin, who feared that Momo Momone would gobble up what is the majority of Miku's Empire, which would make it difficult for Rin to raise horses to satisfy her horse fetish. Shirley Fenette was also worried, because of Momo's growing popularity in Makedonia which would compromise her position in Makedonia (which would be troublesome as the body of Lelouch remains in Pella). This led to an unlikely alliance between Rin and Shirley, whose forces would pin the Kingdom of Pergamon down. Momo was especially popular with the farmers, as Momo supported the symbol of Georgia, peach, which is symbolic of the farmers (γεωργοι, Georgoi) because it would mean Momo would symbolize their interests.

Also, XP-Tan, although she is the Strategos Autokrator of Hellas, had to deal with the independent poleis of upper Hellas, the cities which would comprise the Aitolian league and Achaian league as these poleis temporarily made an alliance under Kyon, as well as the mighty army of the Attalids which won many victories against the neighboring Diadochoi. Lysimachos Shirley Fenette, having looked upon the rival's plight, distracted the Antigonids by launching attacks staged from Byzantion for Shirley viewed that Momo's Antigonids are more of a threat than XP-Tan would ever be (which would have been proved wrong when XP-Tan ends up allying with Luka Megurine and the Epeirotai), although Shirley made sure that the assaults were done covertly so the relationships between Makedonians and the Antigonids weren't immediately broken down. Rin exchanged her eastern lands (that is, Taxila) to Chandragupta Maurya Michelle Obama for 500 elephants, although Rin wanted 10,000 horses, which clearly was meant to repopulate horses for her horse fetish.


The tensions were building, and the negotiation between the Attalids and the Makedonians broke down, when Teto Kasane (who would later become the Basileus of the Kingdom of Pergamon and later the Symbasileus of Makedonia) demanded that the Makedonians accept Peach, not the body of Lelouch to be the symbol of the Makedonian Kingdom, as well as the surrender of Lelouch's body to be cremated near the Styx. At that point the negotiations and the relationship broke down, and Shirley Fenette, initially ambivalent, became outright hostile to Momo, and sent a force of 10,000 heavy infantry (including 5,000 phalangitai) and 1500 Hetairoi to aid Rin. Rin was rumored to have molested the horses of each Hetairos that Shirley has sent, which Shirley was oblivious to. The confusion grew greater, as Haku Yowane secretely planned to send forces to help her enemy's enemy Momo, but never made it to battle because Haku Ptolemaios I Soter Yowane once again indulged in alcohol.


The battle was as interesting as a chess match between Sailor Mercury and Homer Simpsons: the game battle first started with the elephant game, in which the skirmishers of each side wanted to take down as many elephants from the opponent side while protecting their own. The game consisted of flying javelins which weren't covered by the news and thus was never reported and is only surmised, while the game was joined by cavalry from each side, where the Attalid mercenary cavalry under Domo-kun repulsed Rin's horsemen (not surprising, as those horses were molested by Rin, and as such had lower morale). The main course was the clash of the phalangitai, where things were going good for Momo as Momo had most number of veterans. Domo-kun however was killed when Rin sent in the elephants (it is rumored that Rin now has elephant fetish) to block and tear apart Domo-kun's cavalry. As the cavalry rout, the cavalry reserves from the anti-Attalid alliance swung back into Momo's main line, completing the hammer-and-the-anvil strike that shaped Momo's iron lines and sent many routing. Momo rallied the troops, but saw Rin molesting another horse, and charged right into Rin attempting to take her out, but was intercepted and killed by a elephant. With their leader lost, the Antigonid line broke and routed.


  • Momo was the second and the last Diadochos to be killed by an elephant.
  • It is debated that Domo-kun was in the battle: some state that Solid Snake disguised as Domo was there instead.


Motto Damn you Sappho we are going to serve celibate Makedonia
Official language(s) Attic Greek and Aiolic Greek
Capital Ok... it is a city, and the capital of the owning country is Pella.
Major Cities Mytilene is a city! If you meant the province, it's Lesbos.
Current Ruler Sailor Mars, with one of the 300 Blisseys serving as governor
Established Around 7th century BC
Exports Lesbians, Sappho's poetry
Imports Biographies about Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton, Celibacy technologies (e.g. Hormone suppressors, binary fission chambers)

Mytilene (Gk. Μυτιληνη) is a Hellenic polis located in Lesbos right in the western shores of Ionia. Mytilene is known for its staunch loyalty to the Makedonians which was very predictable as they were shameful of their major exports, Sappho's poetry and Lesbians. In fact, this was one of the reason why Mytilene shifted ownership from Makedonia to the Koinon Hellenon under XP-Tan in the age of the Diadochoi, as Shirley Fenette, the Basileus (and eventually Symbasileus) of Makedonia was obsessed with being banged by the corpse of Lelouch Lamperouge. Mytilene has a very interesting history, as it is plagued by hippies and sexual deviants.


Even in the older Hellenistic era, Mytilene had a problem with its Lesbians, most notably Sappho, who comprised 100% of its population. The council was especially not happy with Sappho's influence, which increased the activities and the association of the city and the province of Lesbos with female homosexuality (refer to Yuri). Although Lesbos did not even have the system of the ostrakon, the council decided to kick Sappho off Lesbos, not aware that her influence already caused an underground movement of hippies in Lesbos. The council attempted to remove them the Kent State University style, shooting what seemed to be 1006 hippies.

Konata Izumi[edit]

Konata Izumi, more well-known as Aratos of Sikyon (Ruled 2013-2029) is the former ruler of the Achaian League and later on one of the myriads of prisoners of war of Sailor Mars. Konata was associated with Kagami, who was a Somatophylax to the Megas Hatsune Miku. However, Konata is known for the exploit against Roy Mustang, the rebel Basileus of Sparte in the Mustang War. Konata is the reason why Yuki Nagato filed a suit against Kagami for sodomy. Konata Izumi was the most eager to adopt the Iphikratean phalanx right after Yuki Nagato used them in the Battle of Chaironeia against the Thebaioi and the Athenaioi.

Involvement in the War of the Diadochoi[edit]

Of course, not all Hellenic poleis accepted the Makedonian Kingdom as their overlord, even though the unrest was largely nonexistant or just invisible in the times of Megas Alexandros. Of course, what better way to build a political power of your own when a great military conqueror is dead (or presumed to be dead)?

Hellenistic World War IV[edit]

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World War IV

Conflict: World War IV
Date: January 30, 2034 -
Place: Global
Outcome: Ended as if nothing really happened
Epeiros, Basileia Bosphoron, Ptolemaioi Liberation Army Makedonia, Ionian League, Basileia Baktrike, Kingdom of Pergamon
Pyrrhos Aiakides,
Manami Hikarine,
Yuki Nagato,
Lily, Meiko
Sailor Mars,
300 Blisseys,
Donald Duck,
Colette Brunel, Nicomedes IV
1,660,000 Epeirotai, 545,600 Yuki Nagato clone Klerouchoi, 405,000 Bosphorians (Conquered by Sailor Mars) approximately 2,100,000 Makedonians combined with some allied troops from Ionia, Lesbos, and Baktria
As of this point, 653,500 including >80% of the Bosphorians As of this point, 544,610, including 254 of the 300 Blisseys

World War IV, more commonly known as the Hellenistic World War IV to avoid confusion with the later World War IV, is the greatest and the bloodiest clash of the Diadochoi ever since the fall of Sailor Mercury. The World War was started by the Germans Sailor Mars who wanted the whole Balkans, as well as the entirety of Europe for herself. Much like Genghis Khan, Sailor Mars often left admininstration to several governors who created client states. For example, Colette (from Tales of Symphonia) became the client ruler of the Koinon Ionikon (Ionian League) which comprises most of Asia Minor including Kypros but excluding Lesbos (which was ruled by one of the 300 Blisseys who was in fact a Lesbian). Luka, having received the first blow in Epeiros, decide to strike back, and much of Ionia is charred as a result of Sailor Mars' overusage of flame weaponries.

After the Invasion of Epeiros[edit]

The Struggle for Ionia[edit]

“Well... There's one less sexually deviant area I have to deal with... but I want my tribute!!!”

~ Sailor Mars on Sack of Mytilene


~ one of the 300 Blisseys

Luka Megurine decides to split Sailor Mars' empire in half by cutting through Ionia, then establishing a blockade so no shipment could be sent from or to Aigyptos, where the PLA under Yuki Nagato was struggling to liberate. The Ionian League was technically an independent state, although it is very heavily garrisoned by Sailor Mars' troops. Colette was frightened by the sudden invasion by Epeiros. Colette was not willing to fight, as it would have inevitably meant that the rest of the party, including Lloyd, would have to risk the dangers of the frontlines. However, Sailor Mars sent her satrap Mithos Yggdrasill, whose crystal led to his possession of Colette which ensured full cooperation of the Ionian League in the World War IV.

Surprisingly, Genis Sage, who was doing LSD at that time, had an epiphany about the situation which was regarded as BS to everyone else because he was on drugs. Meanwhile, Luka sent the ships into Mytilene to seize Lesbos, one of Sailor Mars' most important naval bases. The Lesbian Blissey who was in charge of Mytilene yelled "SPARTAAAAAAA!!!", only to realize that it isn't Sparta, after which it yelled "MYTILENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!", only to hand her arse to the Illyrioi Leistoi under Lily, who then sacks the city of Mytilene. Genis saw that too in his daily dose of acid which was administered much like the two elephants who received acid in an attempt to test the hypothesis that LSD would cause musth. As soon that that happened, Luka attempted to press on with the invasion of mainland Asia Minor starting with Halikarnassos and Pergamon, but was repulsed by possessed Colette's army complete with Gastraphetes who shot stardust and pow hammers instead of regular bolts.

All the World will know that the 300 Blisseys... gave their last breath to defend it! ... Where's the other 299?

Bosphoroi and Manami Hikarine[edit]

After setbacks in the Mediterranean, Sailor Mars shifted her focus from Epeiros to Bosphoros, the heart of a great kingdom led by Manami Hikarine. The Bosphorians were of the people who were relocated by Miku after Miku blew the southwestern part of Russia along with the Skythioi and the Sarmatai into smithereens. Having access to combined technology, the Bosphorians fielded heavily armored RPG troopers, as well as mechanical horses. High level of cancer and mutation also led the Bosphorian Kingdom to be a great power that did not succumb to the Makedonian juggernaught at the early period of the World War IV. Sailor Mars immediately started by attacking from Byzantion, where the clash between the Bosphoroi and the Makedones led to the Makeodonian occupation of Tylis. Shrek, a Bosphorian general, led 81,750 men against the Makedonian army of 122,500 led by Mikuru Asahina in the Steppe region just above Chersonesos. Shrek's mutant Brutes smashed Mikuru's armored division, but heavy AP fire sent the brutes routing, and consequently broke the will of the already demotivated troops. However, Shrek pulled off a victory by landing a surprise attack on Mikuru's vulnerable flanks and taking some of their supplies. However, Shrek's victory was short-lived, as the 'supplies' were explosives which were sent off like supplies as a strategem that Mikuru pulled out. Having most of the army decapacitated, Shrek was forced to retreat to Taurike Chersonesos and the homeland of Bosphoros. Manami Hikarine led the grand army, that is all of the Bosphorian Army including its reserves. Sailor Mars intervened by sending the possessed Colette across the Caucasians, where Colette would crush the Hayasdan and take the Caucasian regions for Sailor Mars. Sailor Mars ordered the heavily damaged army under Asahina to advance forward so that Sailor Mars can trap the Bosphorian Grand Army, which Asahina reluctantly complied to. Thankfully for Mikuru, Sailor Mars ordered the retreat to Olbia where Sailor Mars placed an additional army of 86 thosand more men. Having been supplied, Mikuru sent the soldiers right on again against Manami Hikarine's Grand Army, which was now pinned by possessed Colette's army.

Epeirote Invasion of Aigyptos and betrayal of Epeiros by Yuki Nagato[edit]

Initial successes against the Makedones in Ionia gave Luka plenty of confidence as well as an ambition for a great empire of her own. Luka wanted to become the next Alexandros, and seeing that not many people know that Aigyptos was part of his domain, Luka decides to liberate and then occupy Alexandreia after taking it from the Makedones. This was a fatal mistake in Luka's part, as it pissed the s**t out of Yuki Nagato who led the PLA to reestablish the Ptolemaic dynasty after the Misthophoroi Keltoi sacked what was apparently the tomb of Megas Hatsune Miku even though Miku was taking a nice retirement in Persepolis. Yuki expelled the phrourion Epeiroton out of Alexandreia, which was a formal declaration of war against Epeiros. Of course, not missing the chance, Sailor Mars stepped in to offer a treaty for mutual alliance, along with the promise and implication of a free Aigyptos. This led to the shift in alliances, where the PLA would now side with the Makedonians while fighting against the "evil" Epeirotai, which wasn't surprisng as Sailor Mars ceded all of her Aigyptian provinces to Yuki Nagato, who in turn agreed to cede Ioudaia and help liberate Ionia, Bithynia, and Phrygia for Sailor Mars.

Attempts at Peace[edit]

“This won't work...”

~ Gimli on Mio's plan to destroy the Precious

“This is BS: Epeiros beating Spain...”

~ Ed Elric on World Cup of 2038

“This is BS...”

~ Mio Akiyama on receiving the red card in the final round

“This is BS...”

~ Mikuru Asahina on receiving the red card in the final round
Greeks did this in their celebration of Epeirote victory against the Argentinians. This one was held in Athenai, although practically all major Greek cities held this kind of celebration. Oh, South Koreans and Nigerians also did similar things.

Mio Akiyama, who had problem with seeing blood much like Tsunade, decided to end the war by destroying the precious by kicking it, reviving the World Cup as an excuse to destroy the precious (you know how well that will work). Because of this, Mio got the Epeirote team in the best 32, where Epeiros was placed in Group G, along with Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. Mio murdered these three countries, and the Greeks were cheering Mio as Mio ran alongside her Epeirote hetairoi in the almost one-sided match against the Argentinians (Epeiros won 4-1). Portugal was brutalized, where Mio used the phalanx to win the match 7-0, even though the phalanx would not have been conventional, maybe even illegal. Spain, although it had the nicest treatment, still had problems with Mio who beat them 1-0. Meanwhile, Makedonia of the Group C, kicked Japanese arses 8001-1337, which confused many people since it meant approximately one goal per second, owning North Korea 10-4, and owning Pontos 3-3 with the penalty kick of 5-1. This discrepancy in skills didn't matter, but the referees' judgment did: In the final round between Epeiros and Makedonia, both Field Marshals of the respective country, Mikuru Asahina (Makedonia, #7) and Mio Akiyama (Epeiros, #3) received the red card on the first half, and then it led to a bunch of fighting, including a declaration of war against the referees by both Makedonia and Epeiros: as soon as the referees were removed, the war moved back to the status quo ante.

After the World Cup of 2038[edit]

This Monkey is celebrated both in Epeiros and Makedonia for his deeds.

After the massive debacle of Mio Ambrakiaios, Mio attempted to make up for it by attacking mainland Hellas in an attempt to liberate it from the Makedonian grip. However, Parmenion denies Mio any progress, where Parmenion defeats Mio in the failed siege of Korinthos. However, Mio sowed the seeds of dissent in the Makedonian ranks by sending spies, which led Parmenion to distrust Mithos, who ironically had his own plans for a Kingdom of Pergamon. Sailor Mars initially wanted to remove Parmenion from the position, until Sailor Mars found out that Mithos was directing his troops to Pella, even when there were Epeirote garrisons in Halikarnassos and Mytilene all because of a monkey when it threw a banana to the direction of Mithos' army when Sailor Mars was in the observatory. Sailor Mars immediately exorcized Mithos out of Colette's body, and Colette sent back the Ionian army back to Ionia, leaving Mithos to be one of Sailor Mars' many victims.

Colette Brunel clones, who are now inducted by Parmenion in disguise to be of the Makedonian Basilikon Agema

After the exorcism, Colette resumed the defensive strategy in the Ionian front, denying both the Epeirotes and Yuki Nagato's Ptolemaioi significant gains in territory. Meanwhile, Sailor Mars finally decided to lead a grand army against Luka, facing the Epeirotai head on in the Pangaion. In here Sailor Mars took advantage of her advantage in cavalry, as well as a technological advance, the Gastraphetes first developed by Dionysios I Syrakousios Chitose Hibiya and first used by the Ionian armies under Colette. Despite Sailor Mars' the advantage in firepower and shock capability, Luka's more heavily armored phalangitai divisions defeated Sailor Mars' lighter phalangitai, although the victory was a Pyrrhic one at best, taken from Luka's birth name Pyrrhe (Luka was known to have said "Ἂν ἔτι μίαν μάχην νικήσωμεν, ἀπολώλαμεν", meaning "Should I win a battle again, I will perish"). Luka pushed onwards to Pella using the elephants that Luka still conserved from her trade with the Ptolemaioi and the Seleukidai, almost taking the city but the gastraphetes made up for the Battle of Pangaion, destroying most of Luka's cavalry and knocking Luka off her ride, leaving her vulnerable until Mio Ambrakiaios came up and sliced the arm of an Makedonian who was about to deal a fatal blow against Luka. Luka, having barely survived, had a greater problem when Parmenion and the Basilikon Agema made up of Colette Brunel clones blocked her way back into Epeiros. However, just when the situation looked bleak for Luka, the same monkey that helped Sailor Mars find out about Mithos' conspiracy threw a banana peel at a loose rock, causing a landslide on the Basilikon Agema, allowing the Epeirotai just enough time to withdraw from Makedonia.

Disappointing Outcome[edit]

Perhaps the reason why this war never found its way into textbooks, save for pacifist ones, is because how the war ended. Sailor Mars had a domestic problem, because Sailor Mars was NOT of the Antigonid Dynasty. Considering the fact that Sailor Mars established Caesaropapofascism, it is a shock that Sailor Mars would be removed from power by a practice obsolete even in the only place that practiced it: the Ostrakon of Athenai. It is reported that victims of ostracism laughed so hard that all the pottery pieces in Athenai broke, allowing even the poor to participate in the second vote, which was meaningless. With the removal of Sailor Mars, An legitimate Antigonid dynast, Amai Higashine the Philippos V of Makedon, took the throne. As soon as Amai seized power, Amai immediately started negotiation with Luka, who was more than happy to see the seas preserved for fish (erroneously, since global warming could wipe the fish out). And so, only thing that changed from this would-be-epic war is the loss of life, and the increase in land taken for cemetary purposes.

But why?[edit]

“Would you like a slice of cake?”

~ Tsumugi Kotobuki on Makedonian Spies

“Uhh... I'll give it a pass... (shit, she expects me to eat guano?)”

~ Makedonian Spies on Tsumugi's offer

But the fundamental question about this war is, why did Sailor Mars invade Epeiros even though this would have meant a large-scale war? One of the theories, believe it or not, is Guano. Sailor Mars had spies in Epeiros, and unfortunately, the Epeirote counterintelligence agents slipped LSD into their food, and they believed that all icing on cakes in Epeiros were guano. Sailor Mars knew that Makedonian agriculture lagged behind Seleukidai (who had Tigris and Euphrates) and the Ptolemaioi (who had the Neilos), so Sailor Mars, who was eager to adopt biomass as a major source of energy, wanted guano, and what news would be better than that of guano nearby? Ironically, Lesbos had its share of guano that was never exploited by Sailor Mars, since Sailor Mars wasted the manpower on hopes of getting imaginary guano.

The second more accepted theory is the fight for succession. In fact, the clashes between the Diadochoi left Antigonids in place that were rooted out by Sailor Mars in the ascension to power. This meant that the dynasts of Makedonia had no relations to the Argeads, which was very convenient for Pyrrhos Aiakides who conveniently was the cousin of Megas Alexandros, much like the causation of the 116 Years of War between France and England.

Of course, Sailor Mars could always turn to Cluckin' Bell chicken, since Liberty City wasn't far away from Sailor Mars' domain.

Mikuru Asahina[edit]

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First Lakedaimonian War[edit]

First Lakedaimonian War, more well known as Mustang War
Part of the Lakedaimonian Wars
Date May 22, 2016 - November 11, 2018
Location The Pelopponesian Peninsula
Result Lakedaimonian Defeat
Chremonidean League,
Achaian League,
Commanders and leaders
Roy Kleomenes III Mustang of Sparta,
Tei Sukone of Elis
Shirley Fenette,
Teto Kasane,
Mikuru Asahina,
Yuki Nagato,
Konata Izumi Aratos Sikyonos,
Tsukasa Hiiragi Demetrios Pharou,
Tsumugi Kotobuki
10,000 Spartiatai Hoplitai,
70,000 Heilotai,
30,000 Perioikoi,
50,000 Yanderes,
2,000 Hippeis,
1 Miku Hater (and Len Lover)
20,000 Makedonian Phalangitai,
13,000 Psiloi,
21,000 Classical Hellenic Hoplitai from the Poleis,
3,000 Hetairoi,
6,000 Illyrioi Hippeis,
11,000 Iphikratides,
4,000 Ptolemaic Infantry,
4,000 Leukaspidai
Casualties and losses
about 40,000, 7,000 of them being Spartiatai about 23,000

The First Lakedaimonian War, more well known as the Mustang War after its instigator Roy Mustang the self-proclaimed Basileus of Sparta, was one of the less humiliating war that Sparta fought. After all, Most of the battles involving Sparta were Spartan losses, including Leuktra, Thermopylai, and Sellasia, of which Sellasia is included in this war. This is one of the few wars (if not the only one) in which Makedonia under Shirley Fenette (and Teto Kasane) was allied with their sworn enemy, the Ptolemaioi under Haku Ptolemaios I Soter Yowane (and later Orihime Ptolemaios II Philadelphos Inoue). The result of this war was much like the Pelopponesian War: massive devastation, along with unnecessary sacking that would send people into Phlegethon to join Megas Alexandros in being dipped in the boiling blood.

Building Action[edit]

Believe it or not, all of this pointless war of Spartan defamation started when Roy Mustang became the Basileus of Sparta. Roy Mustang was seen as a enemy of the Alexandrian legacy created by Megas Alexandros, thus allowing Roy Mustang to gain much support in Elis, ruled by Tei Sukone and inhabited primarily by yanderes. Roy Mustang started by claiming Sparta as a champion of freedom in Greece against the Makedonians, and then using that as an excuse to break away from the Chremonidean league under XP-Tan, claiming that XP-Tan is a puppet ruler for some other Makedonian ruler. Of course, Roy Mustang was no friends with Konata either, since Konata was related to Kagami, one of the somatophylakes of Hatsune Miku.

Even though there was no war, Roy Mustang's presence alone led the Elians under Tei Sukone in a "crusade" against Hatsune Miku in the Peloponnesos, destroying all statues of Alexandros the Great including that of his reincarnation. In fact, the Yanderes may have been one of the reasons why Hitler committed the Holocaust, since the Miku hating yanderes under Tei Sukone killed 6 million Makedonian Vocaloids living in Peloponnesos. However, the real tensions began when Roy Mustang intended to invade Troizen, one of XP-Tan's holdings in the Peloponnesos. Considering the fact that XP-Tan was now residing in Athenai, it was just a matter of time before the Athenians declare war on Sparta even though they were supposed to be friends against the Makedonians. Believe it or not, even though the relationship between the Symbasileis of Makedonia and XP-Tan soured due to the cuts in funding from XP-Tan for the Frankenstein Lelouch project, Shirley Fenette was worried about the Grinders in Korinthos which supplied her with the organic parts needed to continue the project, and therefore believed that siding with XP-Tan (and Haku Yowane in the process) as a lesser evil.

In Aigyptos, the Al-Qaeda ended up settling there farming explosives in the Delta Neilou. Because of their hatred for the American supporting usurper, Haku used the immense Klerouchiai to get the Al-Qaeda to fight against the Spartiatai. Of course, Sparta didn't have much of a navy and thus Roy Mustang had to call Ed Elric in Iberia for the navy, which was a ragtag navy of large boats that they call ships.


Roy Mustang himself initially took a defensive attitude, content with his holdings in the Peloponnesos and the reenslavement of the Messenians. Tei, however, took a different point of view: Tei wanted to purge all the Vocaloids, because Tei believed that Miku sent Len to his death on the Battle of Gaugamela, even though it was his own clones that ran over him to his death. Tei thus decides to attack Aitolia, owned by Kagami in the attempts to get rid of one of Miku's legacies, the Somatophylakes. At the same time, Tei also organized a Yandere Elian force against XP-Tan, holding them back in the same strait used by Themistokles to scare the crap out of Xerxes. Tei's initial success at the Peloponnesos however led Roy to take a more expansionary attitude in the hopes of uniting all of Peloponnesos, including Achaia and Korithos under Spartan banner. In the other side, XP-Tan and the Greeks of the most of the independent poleis in mainland Hellas and Rhodos was held back, although XP-Tan did rout the insignificant navy of the Spartan-Elian alliance, thus helping to add to the initial stalemate. Konata's Achaian League lost Sikyon, pleasing Tei to no ends because Tei got to take all of Konata's treasured possessions, including a dating game which involves Len. As a result, Konata traded off Korinthos (technically still a Achaian possession at the time) to Shirley and Teto to replace the Yaoi, the Manga, the Nendoroids and the dating sims.

Parmenion was commanding the garrison at Megalopolis, holding off the Spartans (including Master Chief) in a series of heroic but exhausting victories. To relieve Megalopolis of the constant Spartan harassment, Teto, one of the Sybasileis of Makedon, sent in the Leukaspidai, who were taken from Len clones to aid Parmenion. Needless to say, this did not bode well for Tei or the Elian yanderes. It is very likely that at that period Neru from Krete got involved, sending her clones who are the Toxotai Kretikoi to Megalopolis just for pictures of Len Leukaspidai clones in splendid armor. Leukaspidai therefore became famous, since they were able to handle many units available in Hellas, since most of the girls adored Len (Thus Shirley and Teto got big savings when hiring the Kretikoi, and it helped in their half-hearted alliance with Rin Kagamine, who ruled the Seleukid domains).


The most obvious atrocity in the war was the genocide of the Vocaloids at Peloponnesos by Tei and the yanderes of Elis, but