Mithos Yggdrasill

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Mithos Yggdrasill in full glory.

Mithos Yggdrasill is the Disco King from Tales of Symphonia.


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Mithos Yggdrasill, AKA, the Disco King, was a young man around the age of fourteen, who was insulted for his unique 80s disco dance, which ticked off the 50s and 60s dancers.

Being like that, he was thrown up, along with his friends, Kratos Aurion, Yuan Coffee, what is supposed to be Neblilim, the secret 2000 rockstar, and Martel Yggdrasill, his sister.

Mithos was tired of being thrown up, so he trained under the Disco Lord Kratos Aurion.

However, soon after that, a war raged on between the 70s and 90s dancers, and they were caught in the middle. This killed the giant tree, which provided mojo to people. Mithos was ticked off about this, and he set out for a job to save the world.

Mithos, then went around, and challenged the summon spirits to a dance contest, and he won, against each one. On the final seal, Origin's, Mithos however, had to place the pact on Kratos's mojo.

While doing so, Neblilim, his ally, killed his sister in the quest for stealing mojos. The party was shocked at such and action and killed him on the spot, but his mojo was sealed away in the Necronomicon and 9 dancing arms. However, if the book and the devil arms were brought together, they would give the person that brought them together, a power to rival Ultra Jesus.

After doing such, Mithos formed a pact with the Eternal Sword, and used it to split the worlds, which would suck each others mojo from each other, with a large disco ball connecting both of them.

He then swore to bring back his sister and brought forth the Carnival of Martel.


Mithos on a casual walk with his friends.

Mithos Yggdrasill had a bit of the messiah-complex, by means of having all the disco dancers follow him.

He had three ranks of followers...


Cruxis contained angels who would glorify Yggdrasill and his holy city of Welgaia with dance. His angels were slow dancers(see below), so they just danced all day and killed tresspassers.


Desians were his flesh and blood dancers who would recruit masses of civilians and convert them into Funk Gems. Funk Gems would enhance the funk in the user by a ton. All Desians wore these, and often did mercenaries.

Carnival Goers[edit]

The people in the Carnival of Martel worshipped his sister as a drunken queen, who would wake up when the Chosen completed the ritual, and return mojo to the land. They are also the main source of income after Magic Johnson got AIDS. I mean all that unprotected sex costed something! When asking the Carnival Goer, Daniel Lamberson about him they said, "Well, sure he has AIDS, but he had sex with over 200 women which is everyone's goal, even the women." His wife said, "Yup, sex with 200 women...Who doesn't want that?"

Most of the money raised comes from the fruitstand industry and how they're sold to car crash directors.

His Plans[edit]

Mithos Yggdrasill, was planning to resurrect his sister, to convert everyone to slow dancers, which would end the discrimination amongst people.

Mithos himself was a slow dancer, but his expertise was in Disco, however, he was willing to give it up, because Disco was related to the filth that condemned his people.

He used the desians to torture the world that was losing funk, so that he could get Chosens to replace his sisters body in.

His Downfall[edit]

Mithos Yggdrasill was sitting in his disco, when Lloyd Irving barged in, killed Mithos's homie Remiel and then picked a fight with his other homie Kratos.

This ticked Mithos off and he went down there and calmed the place with a jig. Lloyd however, was angry, and attempted to kill Mithos. He failed miserably because he was still inexperienced. Just then however, Botta, the futuristic dancer from AC/DC, came in, and took them away. Botta was his other friend's minion, Yuan Coffee.

Lloyd then did several more attacks and killed Mithos on the third one.

After his death, Genis, the man witch stole his mojo and went away. However, Mithos's mojo later possessed Colette, and he ran off to Derris-Kharlan, the world of Slow Dance. Lloyd chased him, got in a battle, and killed him, forming a pact with the eternal sword.

His Ressurection[edit]

The Disco King reawakens! This is his infamous move, Disco Fever!

Mithos was dead in that dimension, however, he lived in another. After his death, Dr. Brown found a time machine that went into the past. Some people stole it however, and messed around with time, so Frio and Kyaro used another one to chase them.

In doing so, they stumbled across the Disco King again. This time, the Disco King Mithos Yggdrasill, met his long rival, Lloyd Irving, and they had a dance off... However, it was three on one and he was crushed.

Mithos Yggdrasill died, and all that was left was his mojo.

However, Evil Frio stole this, and became Yggdrasill and fought Frio. Evil Frio lost. However, foolish Frio took the essence, so Mithos is waiting as funk, waiting for the time to strike.


Mithos Yggdrasill has recently been spotted at war with the Final Fantasy: Hebrew Hammer. He has since then called all forces off Lloyd Irving and to crush them instead. He's also been spotted helping Vulcanus by sending his disco angels to Celestia. (But because he did that, Laharl found his disco land, of course, the commies of the Dark Assembly somewhat help Mithos by being Commies) His brother, Reysion, has long since starred in the newest Fire Emblem.