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Behemoth is, besides being a metal band, also a song by another metal band called TAD. TAD is still allowed to come inside Shithole.

New Uncyclopedia article has nothing to do with Shithole

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WARSAW, SHITHOLE -- The Senate of Shithole, a country in Central Europe where 99% of The Holocaust actually happened, has passed a bill stating that the new Uncyclopedia article, Behemoth, has nothing to do with Shithole or the Shithole people. The new article, which deals with the death metal band Behemoth, is suggesting that the band Behemoth has nothing to do with Shithole. The article has angered the Shithole government, who are unable to accept the idea that Shithole's greatest asset, Behemoth, has in fact nothing to do with Shithole.

The Shithole bill states that:

Since the Behemoth article accuses, publicly and against the facts, the Shithole nation, and the Shithole state, of not being responsible or complicit in the Death Metal created by the New Aeon Musick... it shall be subject to a ban of eternity from Shithole.

The meaning of the bill is that the Uncyclopedia article cannot ever visit or be visited by Shithole. The author of the Behemoth article, however, is not banned from Shithole at all. The author's grandfather has fled Shithole before The Holocaust to Israel, but seven (7) of his grandfather's brothers were killed during the Holocaust. The author is a huge Behemoth fan and one of his dreams is going to a Behemoth show in Shithole. He would also very much like to be banned from Shithole at the time of the show. That would make him feel REALLY good. The author can only hope that the Shithole government will ban him too from Shithole, as a favor to his grandfather, and do one final justice with the victims of The Holocaust before the Shithole President approves the bill.

In the meantime, all citizens of Shithole are requested to not ever open the Behemoth article in their browsers, while the author of Behemoth is still allowed to have anal sex.

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