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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

ORLANDO, Florida -- Comedian Bob Saget -- best known for Full House; Fuller House; Fullest House; Seriously, Everybody Get the Hell Out My House; America's Funniest Home Videos; America's Stupidest, Brain-Cell-Killing Videos, But We Liked Them Anyway; Who Recorded This Shit??!!! and How I Met Your Mother, Sort Of, Except I Didn't -- died January 9, 2022, immediately after telling what Guinness World Records has declared the dirtiest joke in the history of the human race.

"Neither the Greeks nor Shakespeare himself could have concocted a joke this sinister."

Officials at the United States government have told UnNews that we are not allowed to reprint the joke, lest someone else dies, but why the hell should I listen to the government? Bastards are making us wear diapers on our faces and shoot ourselves up with Bill Gates's microchips. Jewish Space Lasers TM!

Halfway through the word "Here," Saget clutched his chest and dropped dead. He was 65. The joke was met with a standing ovation. Everyone was already standing up anyway, because they all had dick zits or were sore from hot sex.

"What a way to go out," an audience member told UnNews the following Monday. "That was the moment that God said, 'Fuck it! I gotta get comedy lessons from this guy."

Bob Saget.jpg
Bob Saget
1956 - 2022

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