The intentionally terrible game: Unfunny in-jokes galore

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The intentionally terrible game: Unfunny in-jokes galore

Box cover

Genere RPG
Developers Uncyclopedia (Actually 9gag. Why would we create such a terrible game?????)
Publishers Talentless games inc.
Composers 66 12-year old kids
Who will play it? None
Ratings 0/100 (Metacritic)
0.001% (Gamerankings)
1/10 (Gamespot)

The intentionally terrible game: Unfunny in-jokes galore is a video game developed by 9gag (Not to be confused with Uncyclopedia which is written in the box cover.) and published by Talentless games inc. for The Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, Microsoft Windows and Mac. It is known as the worst video game in human history due to it's unfunny and cliche jokes, horrible plot, abuse of the 34th rule, countless glitches, and mentally immature producers that are sexually insecure. It also features no microtransactions as well, so your sorry wallet is saved from torture.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The intentionally terrible game: Unfunny in-jokes galore is an open-world exploration RPG which Practically uses similar, but not the same system as Castlevania games, despite most of the creators are too busy playing call of duty instead, and they had never heard of Castlevania before. The player breaks through different dimensions of unfunny memes and uses unfunny powers to attack enemies. He will also receive quests from oscar wilde, which in return gives more rewards and more options at the shop which is ran by Kanye West, after you save him.

Setting[edit | edit source]

The player plays as an uncyclopedian which is one of Oscar Wilde's soldiers against Chuck Norris and Mr. T. you are assigned by Oscar Wilde in order destroy Mr. T and Chuck Norris' dimension. However, After defeating Mr. T and Chuck Norris, one finds a secret menace plotted by Lauren Faust in order to swallow the universe with ponyfaggotry. You must then under Oscar Wilde's commands defeat lauren faust and rule the universe.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

At the start of the universe, Richard dawkins created the memeverse. And in the memeverse born uncyclopedia. from uncyclopedia born Oscar Wilde, the neverdying hero, and also Chuck Norris, the undying brute, and Mr. T, the undying pitier. The 3 then fight each other for the meme of uncyclopedia for over 99999 years. You were assigned by Oscar Wilde in order to destroy the other 2 dimensions and unify the in-jokes. Oscar Wilde then teaches you to use and obtain your unfunny powers, and gives you a few test modules to practice your powers. After then, you were assigned to defeat Mr. T first.

Mr. T section[edit | edit source]

The player then go to Mr. T's dimension where you were confronted by Gay Luigi in sector AAA, one of Mr. T's furry prom dates. Gay Luigi acts as your first boss. You also rescue Kanye West here. After you destroy Sector AAA, Oscar Wilde then shows you the new power, the power of the 34th rule. After then he grants you the new power which is guaranteed to cause mass destruction and ruin. You can now use Union of ruin combined with unfunny powers.

After then you were assigned to Sector BBB. In Sector BBB you encounter another of Mr. T's prom dates, Stalin. As Stalin is about to launch his reversal powers, a tremble appears and you fight the 500 Foot Jesus Instead. After defeating the 500 foot jesus you see an odd sight; a pony. Believing it to be some lowly retarded shit you let it go. You then recieve the key to sector CCC.

In Sector CCC, You then encountered Mr. T which had defeated Oscar Wilde who soon teleports. Mr. T thinks you are not even worthy to be pitied so he leaves. At the end you encounter Stalin again and he attempts to nuke you. Knowing you had used the shield of reversal, you exploit his powers to nuke him instead, but he shoots lasers beam eyes to detonate the nuke in midair. You two then fight. Despite Stalin's russian reversal powers, he was defeated and you get the Key to Sector XXX, The sector where Mr. T resides.

After you defeat Numerous of Mr. T's minions and win a tag battle against Stalin and Gay Luigi, You finally went to Mr. T's sector where you two have an epic battle. After defeating Mr. T, You see Lauren faust and she says she believes that you should love and tolerate all in-jokes. She then leaves before you can attack her.

After your victory on Mr. T, you were given Mr. T's powers by Oscar Wilde and you can use it as an unfunny power.

Chuck Norris Section[edit | edit source]

You then were assigned by Oscar Wilde in order to pit against Chuck Norris. You then travel to Chuck Norris's dimension. At the entrance you encountered the gate guardian to Chuck Norris's dimension, his pet Grue. You were eventually eaten by the grue and must defeat it from inside by destroying it's heart (Your unfunny powers proven impossible for the grue to digest you because you were too unfunny). After you do so you find the key to Chuck Norris' dimension inside the grue.

In section ROU of Chuck Norris' dimension, you were faced with the most menacing creatures that once only Chuck Norris can conquer. You then fight one of Chuck Norris's minions, the Mecha Zombie Hitler. After then you also encounter one of Chuck Norris' second in commands, Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee then challenges you into a battle which you will always lose. You were then saved by Oscar Wilde and you must come back to this spot in order to get the key to sector NDH.

In Sector NDH, you fight more of Chuck Norris's minions, and encountered the other second in command of Chuck Norris' troops, Satan. However, instead of directly confronting you, Satan sends out Andrew Wilson to fight you. Despite his extreme company-converting faggotry, he too was defeated by you. From him you get the key to Sector OUSE.

In Sector OUSE, You Saw Chuck Norris which is impossible to defeat. After defeating you, he throws you into a prison. You must now work your way out the prison and return to the section where you fought chuck norris. As you return, you encounter the true boss of the sector, Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is defeated after a tough fight. After defeating Bruce Lee, You see Oscar Wilde fighting Chuck norris and before Chuck Norris defeats Oscar Wilde, Lauren Faust blocks the shot and leaves along with Chuck Norris. You then ask who the hell she is, then Oscar wilde says that she is the creator of the pony dimension, a dimension of friendship and magic.

Lauren Faust after sinking the world in the pink of ponyfaggotry

After then, you receive the Key to sector KICK. You encounter satan once more again in this area for one final battle. Despite his almighty hell powers, he was defeated as well. And you go fight Chuck Norris, who is arguably the hardest boss in the game, but still proven no match to your powers. However, after the defeat of chuck norris, Lauren faust sends out her ponies to convert all into bronies, and even you were converted as well, causing the demise of the world...Unless you entered Chuck Norris' room with the unfunny power "Power Great non-ruin" and "34 Great sickfuck" equipped at the same time. If you do so, you and Oscar Wilde's dimension are not converted and you get Chuck Norris' roundhouse kick power from Oscar Wilde.

The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

After realizing Lauren Faust's true intentions, under the commands of Oscar Wilde, you must destroy Lauren Faust's ponyverse and bring peace back to the memeverse. As you enter the ponyverse, you defeat many of lauren faust's minions such as Dusty Katt, The Mane six (Both one by one and the fused version of all of them, the 500 foot rainbow pony turd) and countless other converted souls, known as "Bronies". At the end, you reach the center of the ponyverse, and finds Lauren Faust. Despite her heresy, you did not get tempted a bit, and she challenges you into an epic battle of fate. Eventually, Lauren Faust gets defeated, but she then reveals that she cannot be beaten by regular powers and you now must use Mr. T's unfunny power and Chuck Norris' unfunny power combined to destroy her, After this, Lauren Faust is defeated and you were revived by a mysterious power. Finally, the ponyverse implodes and vanishes into nothingness, with all the ponies, rainbow magic and bronies in it turned into nothingness. At last the memeverse has returned to peace and you win. You had now unlocked "Boss Rush" Mode, the "I Wanna Be the Guy" Mode. Congratulations!

Unfunny power system[edit | edit source]

As an completely unfunny game, there must be an appropriate power. And this game has the right subject; the unfunny powers. There are 3 types of unfunny powers: Regular unfunny powers: Used for attack, Rule 34 Powers, used for attack as well, and enchantment unfunny powers, used for getting stat boosts. (The third is stolen from Castlevania.) For Regular powers, there are 3 types of powers: "Power" "Power Great" And "Power Super", For Rule 34 powers, There are "34", "34 Power" and "34 Power Super", each stronger than the another, while enchantment unfunny powers have only one variant. Regular Unfunny Powers and 34 Unfunny powers can be combined in order to Unleash Unions of ruin, which in return use energy to cast. Energy can be picked by destroying stuff. Again, this is ripped off from Castlevania.

Mid Bosses and bosses[edit | edit source]

Gay Luigi[edit | edit source]


The first boss in the game, he does not have many tricks aside of sending mushroom men against you and unleashing spaghetti tentacles from his mouth as a whip.

Foo' Pitier 9000[edit | edit source]

Sounds intimidating but still easy if you know what you are doing. All he does is to Pity the fool, but is easy to dodge. Just stay close to him and use the "Power Arcbullet" and there should be no problems.

500 Foot Tall Jesus[edit | edit source]


This is your first real challenge, he can easily stomp you in one step of his foot. The Key is to hit his pancreas and he will die. However, hitting it is the key; again only "Power Arcbullet" in this stage can hit it. You can also hit it with "34 gheyfaggot" as well, but it will do minimal damage. Defeating him will let you get the key to next zone.

Yak[edit | edit source]


This Yak will try to hump you and rape you when you are stunned. His rape does tons of damage so just don't let him hit you. seriously. fortunately, His HP is low as hell.

Stalin[edit | edit source]


A very difficult boss, He can reverse everything you throw at him using his russian reversal powers. In order to stop this, you must use the "Power Anti-Reversal" in order to stop him from killing you. He also has a nasty tendency to shoot missiles as well. Defeating him will let you get the key to the next zone.

Stalin and Gay Luigi[edit | edit source]

Easier than Stalin himself but still difficult. Gay Luigi will wrap you with his tentacles and Stalin nukes you with a missile. They also tend to gang you up as Stalin stun-locks you and Gay Luigi deals the final blow. Gay Luigi also tends to flood the screen with mushroom men as well.

Mr. T[edit | edit source]


Difficult! Mr.T's pitying attack will leave you unable to atttack within 20 seconds so DON'T get hit by it! Or else he will destroy you with his 1337 hax0r powers! End the battle quickly!

Chuck Norris' pet grue[edit | edit source]


The first stage of the grue is easy, any light unfunny power can destroy it. However, you will go inside the grue and this is where things get difficult, as the grue can shoot laser beams and summon ninjas from inside. Destroy his heart and the key to next sector will drop.

Mecha Zombie Hitler[edit | edit source]

A terrifying looking but easy boss. Due to the incompetency of the creators, there is always a spot that he can't hit with his panzer, Namely the far right. Stay close to there and shoot projectiles and you win.

Bruce Lee (1st fight)[edit | edit source]


Impossible and you will die no matter what. However, it is not a typical game over and does not get counted into the in-game death count.

Ninja Pikachu[edit | edit source]

Quite difficult, he is so fast that it is impossible to hit him using the typical powers you get. Instead, you must him him using "Rule 34 unavoidable" and "Power Unavoidable"/"Power Great Unavoidable". He's also very afraid of the first one as well as there are no pokemon that rule 34 does not rape.

Andrew Wilson[edit | edit source]

Easy faglord. All he does is to use his absorbed souls to home on you, which does minimal damage. Watch out for his absorb attack though, it can kill you instantly.

Chuck norris (First Fight)[edit | edit source]

Don't even think about it. He will roundhouse-kick own you in 1 second through the fight. And you will be thrown into a prison as well.

Chuck norris' prison warden[edit | edit source]

A robot demon that can shoot laser beam eyes and transform into a jet plane. His attacks are very difficult to avoid but aside of his jet plane ram attack all do moderate damage. Nothing too terrible. His Jet plane charge, however, is horrible as hell and most die at the first time they see this.

Bruce Lee[edit | edit source]

A very tough fight, he will use his asian kung fu to beat you into oblivion. He is also very fast and homing weapons fail to even tickle him. Just use wide weapons such as "Power Great deathpulse" and don't let him go near you.

Satan[edit | edit source]


A moderately difficult boss. All he does is to summon succubus to rape you and send out a group of bats which are easy to dodge. The most difficult part is to avoid his near screen-wide End of The World attack which Kills you in one shot. Stick to the corners if he does. Note that his succubus are completely nude showing how mentally disturbed and sexually insecure the creators of the game are.

Chuck Norris (True fight)[edit | edit source]


The Hardest boss in the game, although some say that Lauren Faust is harder. All of his attacks will kill you instantly and His roundhouse kick is near impossible to dodge. Even if you block it, you will still take some damage as well. His other attacks include shooting laser beam eyes, exploding the screen and shooting thunderbolts from his palms. Note that he also has a lot of HP as well. And remember before you enter his room, make sure you equip "Power Great non-ruin" and "34 Great sickfuck" as well, or you will get the bad ending!

Dusty Katt[edit | edit source]


Easy. He has a lot of HP, but all of his attacks are easy to dodge and close-range. Just go far away and shoot projectiles and you're fine.

Rainbow Fats the fat admirer[edit | edit source]

He will try to unleash a tube that homes in on you and if it does, it kills you instantly. It's unavoidable, so kill him before he does! Fortunately, his HP is quite low.

Rainbow Dash[edit | edit source]

A Creation of lauren faust who uses dash attacks and knocks you like a monster. It is very fast and it's attacks are very powerful and difficult to dodge so this is a VERY tough fight.

Horse cum sentinel rainbow semena[edit | edit source]

A sentinel shaped like the cock and balls of a horse who shoots horse cum that stick you and rams onto you with his tip. Shows how mentally disturbed the creators are, but just show them some goatse anyway. This is one of the reasons why this game is for Faggots only.

Applejack[edit | edit source]

Shoots apple from it's anus. Also shoots giant laser beams when 40% HP or below. not very difficult.

You[edit | edit source]

A doppelganger of the player who has joined bronydom. Uses whatever weapon you use and for some reason is unable to change them back, so use the weakest power and see him go ruin.

Pinkie Pie[edit | edit source]

Uses the art of temptation to mesmerize you, once you get hit, your dead. And it's also quite difficult to dodge as well, but the enchantment unfunny power "Power Oblivious" can stop this in it's tracks.

"Cupcakes" The creepy slayer[edit | edit source]

He will try to use his killing machine to rip you into shreds. Attacks include impaling you in one hand and constantly jabbing you which is impossible to struggle out once it does so, shoot flying daggers which does a hell lot of damage, and not to say he is also very fast as well. A very difficult boss which is close to Chuck Norris in difficulty. Don't forget that his death animation can kill you instantly as well.

Rarity[edit | edit source]

Is mostly flying so prepare for homing attacks. Shoots cum from above which stays in a puddle and you get poisoned when you step on it. Might also swoop down to ram you as well, although this does not do much.

"Pegasus" The white knight brony[edit | edit source]

Twilight sparkle's royal guard and sex slave. Has a lot of toughness and all attacks do like 1 damage against him (And he has like 50 HP), so just use "Power Super BreakMissile" or other defense negating attacks and your fine; you should have a couple of them. Or you can just throw some "Power Dagger" against him in very rapid speed and he dies quickly.

Twilight Sparkle[edit | edit source]

Uses a killer machine to operate laser beams and sparkle guns onto you, while it's familiar, spike, disrupts you and attacks. After Spike is destroyed, She will go in rage mode and you can destroy her core. She will also operate more laser beams and protrudes blades from below as well, but this is just another normal boss, although some think it is really difficult.

500 foot rainbow pony turd[edit | edit source]

You are enclosed in a very small room and it will crush you if you act slowly. So bring out the strongest combination of unfunny powers you could, and shatter the menace once and for all!

Lauren Faust[edit | edit source]

This is the Final boss and is only next to difficulty than Chuck Norris, although some say that she is harder. This boss has 2 forms. The first form is her human form, which can summon ponies to ram at you, shoot rainbow lasers, and summon a giant princess celestia which will give you the tempted condition which prevents you from doing anything at all in cases if it rams into you. After then, she inverts the dimension and becomes a giant ponytaur herself. In this form, she can use lots of insanely difficult to dodge attacks such as raining hearts, rainbow arcs that slowly home in, and the squish slide where she tries to squish you with her horse body and slides further, but the most difficult to dodge attack is the pony swarm which floods the screen with two massive streams of ponies that come out from her horse anus and kills you instantly in one shot. She also sometimes sends outs ponies that stays on the screen dashing around if not destroyed which tends to annoy lots of players as well, and what's worse, she summons a familiar that slowly homes in and is INDESTRUCTIBLE as well in 50% HP remaining, and when you get hit by it it does like over 500 damage and is beyond insane. However, her attacks are weaker than chuck norris so she is mostly rated behind him. Also, don't forget to use the Mr. T+ Chuck norris union of ruin to destroy her after you are done with her, or you are dead!

Ultra Noob (secret Boss)[edit | edit source]

A call of duty noob that constantly evades your attacks and uses wallhax to see through walls. Use a homing attack before he runs away! Defeating him will get you the "Power Omega dimension" power which does extremely massive damage to all enemies on the screen.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

Due to the complete incompetency of the creators of this game, there are many glitches that tend to flood the game. The most infamous of this include if the player Defeats the 500 foot Jesus and goes out and returns to this room immediately, no unfunny powers can be used for the remainder of the game. This was fixed 3 months later after the release of the game. More famous glitches include the fact that When purchasing an item when it is out of stock, the item can be purchased infinitely, as well as the ability to walk through walls when using "Power Flight" Which allows the player to fly. And flying past the border of the game caused the save file to be corrupted. As The gamefaqs reviewer "CloudXSephirothFTW" listed, "The glitches in this game will melt your mind."

Reception[edit | edit source]

The intentionally terrible game: Unfunny in-jokes galore is met with extremely bad reviews. UnReviews gave it a rating of 0, noting that "WE DID NOT MAKE THIS!!! DON'T GET FOOLED!" In order to warn people that this is not an uncyclopedian production. The real person of Chuck Norris stated that "This is libel. I will sue the gay who did this to death." It got 1 point out of 10 in GameFAQs, with the user "Destroyallfaggotry" stating that "This is not a form of faggotry. This is the true form of faggotry itself." While GameSpot stated that: "Run! If you like Metroidvanias this is NOT a game for you! But if you like insanity, this is it. You hit the jackpot. The game also saw negative ratings in the brony fandom; The real dustyKatt stated that: "How do those kids DARE insult me like that?" While Other brony reviewers, such as "CupcakesRapeKids", stated that "Even WE bronies don't make such insane faggotry! This must be the work of a parasprite!!!111" It also sparked controversy in DeviantART, where trolls support the game but Bronies and memefags don't. Finally, It was also criticized by Chinese for listing Bruce Lee as Chuck Norris' minion. however, It also received some positive reception, such as 9Gag saying that "This is the game of the century! IN SOVIET RUSSIA, CHUCK NORRIS STILL OWNS YOU!!!" and KnowyourMeme, Where 12 year old kids said: "This is the game of god!" While bronies in the site disagree.

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