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Since I absolutely love this page, I will pee review it. Since I've only reviewed a few pages, and I might be mildly generous with my scores, you should probally get a second opinion to even it out.

Humour: 8.5 I love Uncyclopedia in-jokes, and this is an interesting new spin.
Concept: 9 As per above. Also, the link between Oscar Wilde and potatoes based on the Irish Potato Famine would have never occured to me.
Prose and formatting: 7 It seems to have too many parentheses. I suggest creating a footnotes section at the bottom. The Did You Know? section and the link to the Captain Obvious cereal may need to be cleaned up a little.
Images: 8.5 The image of the box is great! You also made it yourself, so cudos for that.
Miscellaneous: 9.5 You'd think Uncyclopedia would have learned their lesson the first time when they released that flop movie. Now they actually want to make a cereal?
Final Score: 42.5 Go out and buy a box today!
Reviewer: -- Kippy the Elf Candycane2.png Talk Candycane2.png Works Candycane2.png Candycane2.png Candycane2.png Candycane2.png 07:38, 28 September 2007 (UTC)