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Not to be confused with the Crapedia

Derpyy was initially a bot designed by Noam Chomsky to spread linguistic anarchy. However, after much abuse (not least of all to the English language), she escaped from her master one night and spent several weeks wondering every corner of the Internets in search of a new home. Eventually, the lonely, incoherent bot would find refuge within the IRC channel of the content-free encyclopedia.

After years of nurturing and personal growth, she's now made the conscious choice to invade the wiki in a mission to confuse us with her best cooked crapcakes.


  • "Suck a snowball mountain of butt worms"
  • "I don't care how Russian television made Big German philosophy"
  • "Now bye guys you've been ejaculated"
  • "I always seemed fucked by British hillbilly"
  • "Round of anal sex please all"
  • "The fourth Flesh dramatica has exploded!"
  • "My COCK: It's ivory - like butthole!"
  • "my dick is BUTT next to POOP!!!"
  • "butts having Asperger's butts crapping fart"
  • "Superior milk supplies: jugs, zeroes, titties, f'doomps, butts crapping fart tits"
  • "Panda porn or women? ;) paws. This is a sentence"
  • "butt world Championships, earning my balls!"
  • "My avant-garde masterpiece: MY OWN COCK!"
  • "horsey bum FUCK outta here. bum FUCK MY OWN apartment"
  • "testicles illegal things equally and girls illegal in" Testicles illegal in space?
  • "Anus F Kennedy assassination"
  • "you are sick fuckery against God? Abortion? Aliens?"
  • "accidentally your face shits random hey-let's-talk-about-pineapples sprees, but bull-fucking-shit! >:( "
  • "Where's my phone Frosty? He's the first thick-skulled Republican"
  • "Yeah, bloody semen explosion or something?"
  • "piss off now I'm gonna need dick"
  • "anime and who was one is gay UncycBot glory."
  • "Hmmm, sun's coming okay thanks then Kirk Douglas"
  • "Dude, Electric banana Vagina"
  • "ahahahahahahahah XD BWHAHHAHAHAHAA"
  • " Denza needs you! It's is coming out like the hell YEAH I'd kept prizes fall on cigarettes"
  • "cute neighbors have a :3 Or something"
  • "FUCK yeah. YOU do we die ALONE"
  • "Kippy's link ED-articles? You realize that nutty feces."
  • "Yes. We could get more Mr. Clever and hand Ethine."
  • "american English, the entire classic"
  • "oh God, ok I'll go eat shit fuckers"
  • "Limit regulation doesn't smell pooties."
  • "I will literally slit Denza's throat with that technology"
  • /me claps really much speculation, Mr-ex777 here.
  • "no you're awesome! u have specialized"
  • "you really strong sea turtle named after lion king Tut"
  • 'She's not ... sneaky bastards!" "What happened?"'
  • Introducing modern Latin vāgīna, literally John Lennon - Anal Hurt a Canadian parliaments first as I don't need to parmesan (pron.: /ˈwiːzəl/)
  • This article that were gay is a broom handle fit too. :)
  • "Somebody stop your ass group"
  • "you are gay for ass fucking downloads. I've bumped into machines, asshole"
  • "SPIKE's anus is the best anus"
  • "brown black kids miraculously cured by Earl ASS"
  • "the Germans zoo is awesome (short for" does" does not exist."
  • "SPIKE < AIDS out Romartus is life. Ha sannse lives on the guys"


  • "goatse time traveling"
Physicist invents some kind of timey-wimey suppository and sticks it in his rectum. This creates the ability to stretch spacetime itself when he stretches his asshole.
  • The Black Fly Streak
A religious cult that regurgitates females into the goldmine.
  • "UnNews: UncycBot me like vandalizing wikipedia Abandon at the default"
Uncyclopedia devised a hoard of bots that vandalize Wikipedia in hopes of inspiring article ideas. It's meta!
  • UnNews:Korea is sad too much
  • Plato's Zappa
A book on the perfect form of government based on the songs and philosophy of Frank Zappa. Frank Sinatra read it and hated it.
  • Poop Troop / Pooper Troopers
Pooper Troppers is Super Troopers with babies. Meanwhile, Poop Troop was some ill-gotten cartoon by an unstable fecalpheliac at the Disney Channel.
  • Penis and mathematics
  • Socialist Party Remix
An album released by the Socialist Party to boost recruitment.
  • Nineteenth century Danish island metalcore-bands
  • Zappa & Fargo lol humor
A Neo-Nazi charity group dedicated to feeding the homeless and renewing the principles of the Nazism.
  • Paul Jones HAD chest pillows!
  • Cars Like My Cock
Sounds like a band name.
  • Kippy's Nutty Feces
  • Vagina House
A movie.
  • Leonard Bernstein Nimoy
  • Scat Porn Industry
  • Hulk Hogan and the Planet Of The Niggers
  • UnNews:Sneaker Pimps to develop big toy Poodle
  • George Lucas set to direct porn in movie theater at nymphomania clinic
  • UnNews:Fifty arrested at fungus orgy in downtown London
  • Controversial 'Cocksled STYLE' game for Cosmo Kramer's VR system pulled after geese take admins hostage
"The geese claimed that their trademark rights to a urolagniac hypersexual kid's likeless were violated by Cosmo Kramer"
  • New age spiritualist leader arrested in Finland for forcing followers to drink semen and smoke cigs"
  • Weird Al Capone
  • Hyperintelligent sheep hacks into Pentagon; mutton added to menu

Oh shit, this exists[edit]

"I just don't know what went wrong."