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Spin states are the states in which very very drunk particles like drunkleons, volcanos, whiskyons and partyons are in, almost all the time. The quantum energy of the particles found in these states has not been determined yet because scientists had very big trouble in following and anticipating they’re trajectories. They can however be photographed in a cloud chamber when the copions hit a barion thus disintegrating the barion. During the disintegration process which can last from several seconds to several minutes you can see all the drunkleons leave the barion in a hurry. It is presumed that the spin state of a particle has some potential energy but very rarely, kinetic energy because usually the particles that are trapped in a spin state are lazy and too dizzy to create kinetic energies. They prefer to “hang around ” or if you prefer the scientific term, spin.

The effect the spin state particles have on humans has been researched for many years. Einstein once said “they make you spin” thus opening a new window of opportunities on spin research. It has been proven so far that the spin particles can disintegrate a human being turning him into a moron another subatomic particle that has been most elusive since 1801 BC. Another effect of the drunkleons, votcaons and such is that they inhibit the motor functions of the body and they affect the nervous system also. While votcaons, whiskions, are normal spin particles it has been recently found since Woodstock that there are other particles that have the same effect like grassons, LSDons, acidons, potons etc. These newly found particles though are not allowed to roam free like the votcaons and whiskions because they have proved to be fatal too many times. There is only one institute of research for grassons or potons in the whole world and it’s location is in Amsterdam.

Some scientists, including Isaac Newton himself have suggested using the angular momentum of particles to spin the whells on cars, thus creating what is commonly known as Free Energy.

  • Types of spin states:
    • Spin left
    • Spin right
    • Spin out of control
    • Spin into the Southern United States
    • Just spin
    • Barbara Streisand
    • Spin City

The moon spins around the earth, the earth spins around the sun and the sun spins around itself. We don't die of death, we die of dizzyness.