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“haelpd me get 2 da web thx”

~ Timmy on this poorly made tutorial

“This is an article written by a 7 year old”

~ Captain Obvious on this article

“What the hell did I just read?”

~ Mr Thugsworth on this article

hewo and welcowm 2 a totoeel on how 2 get onlin and go 2 da hompag so wat u do frst is 2 pwes da powr botn tan u wait until compootr starts up. next u ned 2 log in then u click on da buton dat loks liek dis


wons u clic on dat boton u hav 2 go 2 cwub pangwin and pwae until ur finishd den u clos ur cumputr and u logd on2 da intrnat horwae

sae dat weminds me of somding[edit]

i wememer dat tiem wen my momy got a now compewtr wuning windos 7 she gaev it 2 me beecus i was da best but 2 daes latr da compotr stopd werking i bak trakd to moar things liek
no i bwok momys compopr nao she gona b mad at me :( i hav 2 tel momy

wait dat awso wemind me of somthing[edit]

i wememred da tiem dat i sow my dady doing somthing 2 some1 and den made a doo doo and a pee pee on her. i wantd 2 waf i towd him dat da poty is ovr dere and pwontd him wer da poty is he slapd me and sent me to bed loking my dor i cwied misewf 2 slep but nao i hav 2 tel momy :( i hop she 4givs me

awftr i tel momy[edit]

momy slapd me on my hand it hurts and i cant us cowmpoopr 4 9 wers. i dot no wat dat mens but i wil go and sho u a gaem

da gaem[edit]

da gaem is cald zork and is da best gaem in da word so i c 4 wals and a gru is gona kil me wat do i do i wil talk 2 gru noooo im ded no!




momy told me 2 go 2 nite nite so i got 2 go c u latr