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Typical wyvern

A wyvern, sometimes spelled wivern, is an attempt at mimicking the dragon. It has proven rather inadequate; it can't do anything that does not involve flying or it messes up completely. It only has two legs unlike the dragon which is retarded. It can also breathe fire, but this is highly unoriginal as it was copied from dragons. It is also suspected of being copyrighted.

Uses of wyverns[edit | edit source]

Despite their retardedness, they are still used in schools by retarded ten year olds and 14 year old faggots according to youtube.

The wyvern has a use for anyone who can find it. It can fly that person anywhere he desires as long as it is a mountain. But nobody's complained since a man was torn apart after destroying a wyvern's horn

The man who messed with a wyvern.


Types of wyverns[edit | edit source]

Black wyvern[edit | edit source]

These have been banned due to being racist.

Sea wyvern[edit | edit source]

A rejected wyvern that lives in the Pacific.

The only picture of a sea wyvern known to man.

Rainbow wyvern[edit | edit source]

Now extinct. Was killed by other wyverns because it was too colourful and they were jealous.

Ghost wyvern[edit | edit source]

A wyvern that went through so much pain that it killed itself. Now it has come back as a ghost to haunt the drakes (another brother of the dragons) that caused it so much pain. But the drakes turned into the Wyvernbusters and wiped out its very soul.

Jigsaw wyvern[edit | edit source]

Wyvern that was put together by jigsaw pieces. His hobbies are teaching others to appreciate their lives, gathering jigsaws and playing a "game".

White wyvern[edit | edit source]

It burped and the Minecraft village became a snow biome. One might conclude from this that its breath weapon is snow; however, studies have proven unsuccessful as the researchers froze.

The white wyvern has not been caught because of its perfect snow camouflage.

Blood wyvern[edit | edit source]

The common wyvern that surpasses its skill in power becomes this wyvern. It is the most powerful of them all and can actually take a woman to a place she desires because it's a sexist bastard.

Pink wyvern[edit | edit source]

Pink wyverns are almost universally despised by those of other colours. This has sometimes been cited as an example of inter-wyvern racism.

Paper wyvern[edit | edit source]

A dead wyvern because it could breathe fire. It had a bad time.

Oil wyvern[edit | edit source]

Instead of fire it uses oil as a breath weapon – which ignites within seconds.

Water wyvern[edit | edit source]

Uses water as a breath weapon which is said to have no chance of igniting, but in fact ignites after 1 second.

Wikiwyvern[edit | edit source]

A scavenger of articles left by WikiDragons before they are deleted by wikiadmins.

Yellow wyvern[edit | edit source]

A wyvern that creates sandstorms by accident.

Golden wyvern[edit | edit source]

Nobody knows if this wyvern actally exists. Someone claimed they saw one but they were ignored.

Treasury[edit | edit source]

Unlike dragons the wyverns hate valuable minerals. This is because the bright glow they give off causes confusion in the wyvern's brain.

This led to the deaths of many unfortunate wyverns.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Wyverns are found almost everywhere, with the exception of Uncyclopedia. It seems that Uncyclopedia administrators strongly dislike wyverns, so much so that they will delete them on sight. When questioned about this, the admins are happy to explain that wyverns have a poor sense of humour; furthermore, any user who defends an Uncyclopedia wyvern will be swiftly blocked.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has no wyverns, for the lulz.

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