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Welcome to the Official Uncyclopedia Collaboratory page!

This is a place where you can ask for help with any article you have started or are seriously planning to start! Put a link to your existent or non-existent article below and wait till someone answers or starts editing!

At the same time, if you find an article on which you would like to work, you are welcome to leave a message at the author's talk page! There is no need to be shy: if someone is asking for a collaboration, he will only be glad to see that someone would like to work with him, no matter whether it is a new user or an experienced editor.

Who is hot?

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11-01 04:43 Regret Tenenbaum/Reservoir [[User:imported>Regret Tenenbaum|imported>Regret Tenenbaum]]

However before starting to make actual edits to the article, it will always be good to contact the person who listed it there first, especially if you have never worked with him before - there may be points needing clarification, such as what help he needs exactly and whether you'll be allowed to use the finished article (if it is finished) elsewhere.

Also, please remember a few things:

  • This is not the best place to ask for feedback. For this, there are Pee Reviews.
  • This is not a page for advertising your articles, that are on VFH. There is VFH for that.
  • If you need help with grammar and/or orthography, you are welcome to ask for a proofreading and if it is connected to formatting, you can ask any administrator or experienced user on their talk page!
  • There is a userbox {here}. And as you have bothered to read all the way here, we will even let you know that to make your article appear in the list on the right you will need to add this to your article. Use the refresh link to update the list.

Have a nice time writing articles!

Requests for collaborations[edit source]

This section is empty. Please, help us by adding your articles here!