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RIP Machinecurse
May you Rest In Peace.
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This Admin has run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. Please do not disturb. (Find another Admin to bother.)


Greetings, I am the curse of machines. I am afraid of real encyclopaedias. They scare me. This one's nice. I like it.

In the realworld™ I am struggling to overcome a sickeningly pathetic internet addiction and complete a four year course on funny hair conditions at a university. I am also involved with the university radio station [1] and the uncyclopedia has been, quite frankly, an inspiration. Oh yeah. Blog. [2]

My username is quite appropriate - I am capable of breaking just about any device crafted by the hand of man. Computers are my speciality, the one I'm currently using has a neurological disorder, which is frankly quite impressive given its lack of nervous system.

I have also a deep seated intolerance of the myriad British = bad teeth "jokes". No idea why. Probably stems from the fact that there are so many more funny and accurate stereotypes one could use...

Oh yeah, I have teh sysop so nag me if you want something to be opped.

Some articles I've been involved with (not necessarily intimately):


Some of my favourite articles:


Some articles I'd like to see written but not sufficiently urgently to warrant putting them on the front page:

Now fuck off and write some articles, you lazy shit.