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Most of the time, Opposite Day is when what you say is the opposite of what you mean, however, sometimes it can also be used by writing in the opposite as well. The words aren't the opposite of what they mean, they are just the wrong way round, which can also be considerd as opposite. Also if you can't tell, the top is the end of the sentance, the bottom is the start.

.trats eht si mottob eht ,ecnatnes eht fo dne eht si pot eht ,llet t'nac uoy fi oslA. etisoppo sa dredisnoc eb osla nac hcihw ,dnuor yaw gnorw eht tsuj era yeht ,naem yeht tahw fo etisoppo eht t'nera sdrow ehT .llew sa etisoppo eht ni gnitirw yb desu eb osla nac ti semitemos ,revewoh ,naem uoy tahw fo etisoppo eht si yas uoy tahw nehw si yaD etisoppO ,emit eht fo tsoM



The Yin and Yang have been a symbol of Chinese culture since 1983. It shows the rich, coming together with the powerful, with the peasants as the small dots, ruining the image. In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin-yang which is often called "yin and yang", is used to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Many natural dualities (such as male and female, light and dark, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire, life and death, left and right, right and wrong, George Bush and Barack Obama, and so on ) are thought of as physical manifestations of the yin-yang concept. And one day, a man finally realised that the the Yin and Yang were opposites and thought "We should have an opposite day." And now we do.

.od ew won dnA ".yad etisoppo na evah dluohs eW" thguoht dna setisoppo erew gnaY dna niY eht eht taht desilaer yllanif nam a ,yad eno dnA.tpecnoc gnay-niy eht fo snoitatsefinam lacisyhp sa fo thguoht era ) no os dna ,amabO kcaraB dna hsuB egroeG,gnorw dna thgir ,thgir dna tfel ,htaed dna efil ,erif dna retaw ,dloc dna toh ,wol dna hgih ,krad dna thgil ,elamef dna elam sa hcus( seitilaud larutan ynaM .rehtona eno ot etalerretni yeht sa rehto hcae ot esir evig yeht woh ,dna ;dlrow larutan eht ni tnednepedretni dna detcennocretni era secrof yrartnoc ro etisoppo ylgnimees woh ebircsed ot desu si ,"gnay dna niy" dellac netfo si hcihw gnay-niy fo tpecnoc eht ,yhposolihp esenihC nI .egami eht gniniur ,stod llams eht sa stnasaep eht htiw ,lufrewop eht htiw rehtegot gnimoc ,hcir eht swohs tI .3891 ecnis erutluc esenihC fo lobmys a neeb evah gnaY dna niY ehT


What Day Is Opposite Day?
?yaD etisoppO sI yaD tahW


What day is Opposite Day? A question that has burnt the minds of many who tried to answer it. But I can tell you that Opposite Day is on any day you want. As long as it's Febuary 18th. Some people tell me, "Opposite Day is only on a Friday." or "Opposite Day is a holiday, observed on the middle Wednesday on every April, where every action is modified so that meaning is inverted." (but Wiki is full of shit) and even "You can't have Opposite Day unless you strap a strap on dildo to your head a rape a chicken that's been bathed in lemon juice for three hours."

However, many different cultures have Opposite Day, on different days. For example, The Germans hold Opposite Day on 27th January, The Russians on 8th March and The Mayans held Opposite Day on December 21, 2012. This shows how widespread Opposite Day is and how it influences so many different cultures.

.serutluc tnereffid ynam os secneulfni ti woh dna si yaD etisoppO daerpsediw woh swohs sihT .2102 ,12 rebmeceD no yaD etisoppO dleh snayaM ehT dna hcraM ht8 no snaissuR ehT ,yraunaJ ht72 no yaD etisoppO dloh snamreG ehT ,elpmaxe roF .syad tnereffid no ,yaD etisoppO evah serutluc tnereffid ynam ,revewoH

".sruoh eerht rof eciuj nomel ni dehtab neeb s'taht nekcihc a epar a daeh ruoy ot odlid no parts a parts uoy sselnu yaD etisoppO evah t'nac uoY" neve dna )tihs fo lluf si ikiW tub( ".detrevni si gninaem taht os deifidom si noitca yreve erehw ,lirpA yreve no yadsendeW elddim eht no devresbo ,yadiloh a si yaD etisoppO" ro ".yadirF a no ylno si yaD etisoppO" ,em llet elpoep emoS .ht81 yraubeF s'ti sa gnol sA .tnaw uoy yad yna no si yaD etisoppO taht uoy llet nac I tuB .ti rewsna ot deirt ohw ynam fo sdnim eht tnrub sah taht noitseuq A ?yaD etisoppO si yad tahW


Who will it piss off
ffo ssip ti lliw ohW

Opposite day will definatly piss off many people,and you may suddenly find yourself with no friends or family, so you better watch out.

.tuo hctaw retteb uoy os ,ylimaf ro sdneirf on htiw flesruoy dnif ylneddus yam uoy dna,elpoep ynam ffo ssip yltanifed lliw yad etisoppO

  • Your mother
    rehtom ruoY
  • Your girlfriend
    dneirflrig ruoY
  • The feds
    sdef ehT
  • Teachers
  • The guy at the pizza place
    ecalp azzip eht ta yug ehT

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