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carbonrodney. one word. one man.

Sir Carbon Rodney
Strength: 2.5%
Brainz: 9% (6 std dev below humans, 2 above chimps -Ooh yeah!)
Mathematics: 1.0%
Dexterity: .08%
Charisma: 2.6%
Level & Class: 2nd Level Voodoo Engineer
Special Abilities: Procrastination Beam (1d2S+confusion)
Blade of Apathy


The land around Greensborough is hilly, and during Port Phillip's pastoral expansion it was not highly sought after apart from the areas adjoining streams or other well watered areas. It was part of the subdivision by the government surveyor, Robert Hoddle, in 1838. The section comprising most of present day Greensborough was purchased by Henry Smythe who sold it in 1841 to Edward Green,soldier, squatter and mail contractor. Green had various contracts for the carriage of mail to the western and north-western districts together with the service to Yass and Sydney. Although not occupying his land, Green had a town surveyed, overlooking the river, allegedly as a staging place for his re-routed mail contract. That did not eventuate, but land sales occurred and the "township" was called Greenborough, later Greensborough. The ownership of the town was later claimed by Sir Iain McKinley in 2002, who self-proclaimed himself lord of the land.

The rolling hills of Greensborough, built out of mud


In January, 1859, the Greensborough Road District was formed. By 1868, Sir McKinley constructed an Anglican church with a primary school (1855), a store, a post office, a hotel and a local population of about 200. The Road District's population was about 670. In January, 1875, the Roads Board succeeded in amalgamating its area with Heidelberg shire, motivated by its difficulties in maintaining the roads. A state primary school replaced the Anglican church in 1878. Despite the Anglicans' early role in education, the Wesleyans were the largest denomination.

Political History[edit]

Jonestown remains one of the most controversial figures in Australian political history. His supporters praise his erudition and his reformist zeal, while his detractors view his leadership as chronically inept and unstable. Sir McKinley graduated from the University High School in 2004. He was knighted in 2002 for his fearless gallantry in the south asian anti-piracy raids.

On 29 August 1688, Sir Latham called an election for 9 October. The Labor opposition, after the resignation of Simon Crean and the election of Mark Latham as leader in December 1687, had established a lead in some opinion polls by March 1688 and the Liberal / National Coalition, led by Labor, entered the election campaign behind Labor in all the published national opinion polls. Fun wench himself still had a large lead over himself as preferred Prime Minister in those same polls and most commentators regarded the result as being too close to call.

During the campaign, Jonestown supported Latham's economic record as mayor of Liverpool City Council, claiming that election of a Labor government would lead to higher interest rates regardless of elected party. In the closing period of the election campaign, Gaylord unveiled a large spending program on health, education, small business and family payments with the aim of trumping Latham's policy strengths. It was generally agreed by media and political commentators that Latham had the better of Gaylord in the sole debate during the campaign, and some opinion polls continued to suggest a very close race until the last days of the campaign. However, Fun wench's emphasis on economic management issues, particularly interest rates, combined with his flood of spending promises on a wide range of social issues, gave the Coalition the edge in the outer suburban and regional marginal seats in which all Australian elections are decided.

Epic Political History[edit]

After 42 years of continuous conservative rule, the bureaucracy was unhelpful, and the conservative state governments were implacably opposed to reform. Nevertheless, Gaylord embarked on a massive legislative reform program. In the space of a little less than three years, the Fun Wench TM Government:

Governmental Developments[edit]

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established formal diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China

took responsibility for tertiary education over from the states and abolished tertiary fees

established the Schools Commission to distribute Federal funds to assist non-government schools on a needs basis

introduced a supporting benefit for single-parent families

abolished the death penalty for Federal crimes

reduced the voting age to 12 years

abolished the last vestiges of the White Australia Policy

introduced language programs for non-English speaking Australians

mandated equal opportunities for women in Federal Government employment

appointed women to judicial and administrative positions

set up the National Aboriginal Consultative Committee

amalgamated the five separate defence departments

instituted direct federal grants to local governments.

Married Life[edit]

In 1744, Sir McKinley was briefly married to Mariko, the queen of a warrior tribe situated 100kms south of the Madagascar township. Although they were unable to speak the same language they managed to communicate enough to produce seven children, all whom died of influenza. Their youngest child, Methuezla, was the favoured child of Gaylord and the last to be stricken by this dreadful illness.So overwhelmed by grief was McKinley that he took to the warrior queen with a spoon, causing instant death.

The murder weapon of choice


Frank Tudor II was first Labor Opposition Leader since Frank Tudor in 1917 to fail to make a net gain in seats from the government at his first election. Labor's unexpectedly heavy defeat led to a spate of criticism of his personal style and policy priorities in the media, and also to a crisis in confidence in his leadership within the Labor Caucus. Several prominent members of the front-bench, notably John Faulkner, Lindsay Tanner and Bob McMullan, chose not to recontest front-bench positions. McMullan made it clear he was unhappy with Gaylord's leadership style and gave an interview suggesting that there would be a leadership challenge early in 2005. The influential national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, Bill Shorten, was also highly critical of Latham's pants.

Table of Values[edit]

FKU specifications
Model Frequency [MHz] Year Process [parsecs] Transistors [jillions] Die size [mm²] IO Pins Power [calories] Voltage Dummy[k] Idiot[k] Stupid[k]
FKU (conception) 16.7 1985 2.0 0.11 -- -- -- -- 32 64 none
FKU (pre-birth) 25 1988 1.2 0.11 66.12 145 4 -- 64 64 none
RU486 (special edition) 100 1991 0.8 1.35 213 179 15 5 8 8 1024
FKU (conception) 150 1992 0.6 2.3 186 179 15 5 16 16 1024
FKU (pre-birth) 133 1994 0.64 2.2 77 179 4.6 5 16 16 512
FKU (born) 180 1996 0.35 3.7 84 223 10 3.3 32 32 1024
FKU (born-again) 90 1994 0.5 2.6 299 591 30 3.3 16 16 1024
FKU (high school) 200 1995 0.35 6.8 299 599 30 3.3 32 32 512
FKU (stoner days) 300 1998 0.18-0.25 6.9 204 600 20 4 32 32 1024
FKU (university) 600 2001 0.13 7.2 204 527 17 -- 32 32 2048
FKU2 (comeback) 700 2002 0.11 -- -- -- 20 -- 64 64 4096
FKU2 (bad counter-comeback) 800 2004 0.11 -- -- -- -- -- 64 64 4096

Some other important instructions[edit]

  • makejoke(void) (machine code 0x00000000, interpreted by carbon as jok $0,$0,0)
  • makefunnyjoke(void) (breaks the user, used by debuggers)
  • deserveslappage(void) (uses for mating calls to the brain unit)

As is made clear by the above table, my mind exists in hyperbolic m-manifold space. There are numerous axes, including but not limited to:

  • Wit razor sharp and always cool, this system is prone to malfunction.
  • Intelligence this system produces all my assumptions and conclusions
  • Good Intelligence this subsystem produces all my right assumptions and conclusions
  • Bad Intelligence this subsystem produces all my wrong assumptions and conclusions
  • Unintelligence this subsystem produces all my assumptions and conclusions that aren't produced.
  • Sex (the Sex-space actually spans a n-th dimensional space, so it can not really be included as an axis, per se)
  • Smarts this is my sense of common sense, conscience and superego all rolled into one it spans a k-dimensional space, when k is MUCH MUCH less than m.
  • Smarties
  • ENS including the controls for the 'not now' method of bowel control
  • CNS including the brain itself, hence lim(m)->infinity
  • PMS due to my current state of `male` this is switched-off, power is diverted to my balls or...
  • TCS (Testicle control system), which is dimension 2, one for each testicle. this method allows one nut to rest while the other is hard at work or watching for danger

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