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In January 2013, Uncyclopedia split into two separate sites: One hosted on Wikia and one hosted independently. All content created before January 5th can (mostly)[1] be found on both Uncyclopedias. Content created after this date is usually only found on one version. Why? Users tended to go for one version or the other, a few have however decided to float in between the two sites. This is where this page comes in.

This policy is in place not so much for legal reasons, as it is just a basic courtesy that the writer of an article can choose where it ends up.

Sharing and what it is[edit]

Some users have elected to not 100% edit one Uncyclopedia. They might predominantly edit one version of Uncyclopedia, but will still have a smaller focus on the other version. Writers like this are allowed and encouraged to publish their work on both versions.

Sharing is basically the act of writing on one version of the site and then posting it on the other, so that everyone can enjoy your work.

When is it ok[edit]

  • When you are the sole writer of an article, whether you post it on Uncyclopedia.wikia.com, uncyclopedia.co or both is entirely your call.
  • If you have collaborated on an article, it is strongly advised that you gain permission from everyone involved in the process of building your article before you share.
  • If you haven't written the article but have the permission of the author, you can also share it.
  • Sharing on behalf of a user that has already stated that are willing to share their work always. See the list at the bottom.

When is it not[edit]

  • When it isn't your work and you haven't asked for permission. Cases like this will result in QVFD no matter how good the article is. It isn't your article to share.
  • If you wrote a page on one version and the article (with different content) already exists on the other. If you think your version is better, open up a thread on Votes for deletion to replace it with your version.

HowTo do it[edit]

  • Copy and paste the source. Not recommended as the page history won't come with it.
  • Export and Import is by far the best option although only admins can import. If you are an admin you can simply use Special:Export and Special:Import, if you are not, contact an administrator and they'll do it for you.
  • Don't forget to upload the images

Users that are are willing to share their work[edit]


  1. Some articles have since gone through Votes for deletion on one or both sites