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Don't tread on my lyrics.

Imagine No Taxes is a song by American musician John Galt. Released in 1971 as the opening track of his album Imagine No Taxes, it was first performed exclusively at the founding convention of the Libertarian Party. Since then, it has become an anthem of hope among libertarians, capitalists (anarcho- and otherwise), the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Objectivists, Republicans, Tea Party protesters and the Murray Rothbard's Bow Tie Fan Club.

In 1992, a country cover of it was released by Willie Nelson on his album Who Will Buy My Marijuana? At the time, the IRS confiscated all the money the album made to show who had the bigger dick. However, in a cold dish of retribution, a 2010 re-release is funding Willie Nelson's Teapot Party to this day.

Imagine No Taxes is not to be confused with Imagine No Texas, the snarky documentary filmed three decades later by disgruntled Bush-hating college students. Word has it that Ron Paul was not amused.

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Read my lips: Making me eat brocoli is an initiation of force.

Imagine there're no taxes.
It's easy if you try.
No wealth to owe them.
An ever growing pie.
Imagine all the people leaving you alone.

Imagine there's no gub'mint.
It isn't hard to do.
No one to take your money.
And no welfare, too.
Imagine all the people driven by monopolies.

You may say I'm a schemer,
But I'm lookin' out for number one.
I hope some day you'll wake up.
And the IRS will be gone.

This song is best experienced while hitting the ol' Aqua Buddha.

Imagine a free market.
I wonder if you can.
A society of greed and profit.
A pure rational man.
Imagine all the people competing for the world.

You may say I'm a schemer,
But I'm lookin' out for number one.
I hope some day you'll wake up
And the Federal Reserve will be gone.

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