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12 October 2006

Professor J. Philippe Rushton, the man who proved once and for all that women are intellectually inferior to their male counterparts

LONDON, Ontario (Canadian Press) -- A recent study confirms what scientists have long believed; women are stupid. The research, carried out by Dr. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario determined that men's IQs are over four times as high as women's on average.

Dr. Rushton was criticized by feminazis and pinko leftists for his theories but this latest research proves that he is right. He claims the glass ceiling phenomenon is not due to discrimination but simply to the fact that women are too stupid to make it to the top in the work place. These findings overturn a 100 year cover-up that claimed that women and men were exactly the same.

Dr. Rushton has been criticized for his findings, even by colleagues at his university. Dr. Lorena Bobbit, professor of Women's Studies, claims that Rushton has a political agenda. " Dr. Rushton is simply using science and statistics to allow the patriarchy to continue in their quest to oppress us". Dr. Bobbit organized a group of women to march down to Rushton's office in order to castrate him but because of their low intelligence they became lost in the hall and then forgot what they were protesting about. Rushton responded to criticism by stating "I know these are unpopular ideas to some of you bleeding heart pinko socialists but these are the facts so deal with it". But women don't need to feel depressed, with scientists saying they can achieve just as much as men – as long as they work harder, look nice, and do what men tell them.

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